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Baby animal boom in the zoos of Hungary – Photos

Baby animal boom in the zoos of Hungary – Photos

This week brought about quite joyful moments for the Budapest Zoo and the Szeged Zoo. The previous welcomed a healthy baby elephant, while a sweet white lion cub was born in the latter one.

According to, the last time white lion cubs were born in Hungary was one year ago in the Nyíregyháza Zoo. But no worries, the next generation has arrived three weeks ago in the Szeged Zoo.

The spokesperson of the zoo said that in the beginning they were a bit anxious, as the first calving is always critical. But, luckily, the cub is growing beautifully and the motherly instincts work well. The mother lion and the baby lion are under constant supervision, but everything seems to be fine.


The parents of the cub are Nadja and Timba, who arrived to the zoo in 2012. For that matter, the white animals belong to one of the populations of the South African, in other words: Kruger subspecies (Panthera leo krugeri). They only live in South Africa, in the Timbavati and Kruger National Reserves. Their light colours help them in hiding, because this region is characterised by white sandy river-beds and high grass.

The other joyful moment happened in the Budapest Zoo, where elephant Angele gave birth to her second calf.

Everything went well during the birth process, the keepers are currently waiting for the calf to find her mother’s breast.


According to, the first-born calf of Angele, the almost five-years-old Asha was also present during the calving and she seems to be very much interested in her sibling.

The elephant hall is permanently closed off, as the mother and the new-born need peace to recover, for at least one and a half weeks. Until then, the father, Assam, can be visited in the Elephant House.

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