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The 2019 European parliamentary elections will be contested between factions that support migration and those that oppose it, ruling Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader said on Sunday.

In an interview to public Kossuth Radio, Máte Kocsis said the report on Hungary by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee (LIBE), which he said was “teeming with lies”, was drafted in preparation for next year’s elections.

Kocsis said

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s mission in the EP debate on the report scheduled for September 11-12 will be to defend Hungary from “unfounded and unfair attacks”.

He said the prime minister will make it clear in the debate that the report is “politically motivated” and was drafted by “[US financier] George Soros’s associates in Brussels” with the aim of putting pressure on Hungary.

He said

the line of division in European politics between “those serving the interests of the Soros empire” and those “who are willing and able to stop migration” was becoming more and more clearly defined.

Kocsis said people like French President Emmanuel Macron and Green MEP Judith Sargentini, the author of the LIBE report, who he said were working as hard as they could to get member states to accept immigration, belonged in the former camp. He said the opposing side comprised politicians opposing migration and moving closer to the lines embraced by Orbán and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Europe’s future hinges on whether it will ultimately become a “continent of immigrants” or succeed in protecting itself, Kocsis insisted. He said Hungary was picking up more and more allies in its goal to make sure that Europe’s destiny is the latter, naming the other three Visegrad countries, Italy and Austria as examples. He added that

it looked like the tide on migration policy has also turned in Germany.

Kocsis said national governments in the EU were starting to enforce the will of their people and protect their countries, while the leadership in Brussels was using the EP election campaign to “continue to force this failed migration policy”.

Source: MTI

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