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People can easily become the victims of fraud if they pick up these phone calls or call them back if they missed it. Here is everything you need to know about these calls.

Blikk reported that László Garamvölgyi, the communication director of the National Crime Prevention Council, shared important details about these cases.

Several Hungarian residents got suspicious calls from exotic countries, like the Maldives, in the past weeks. In some cases, their phones did not ring, only notified them that they had a missed call from somebody. Those who call up the number can get into a serious rip-off.

According to the director’s report, these fake callers attempt 10-12 thousand calls per day. He also emphasised that these numbers usually start with 200.

444.hu reported that Telenor company also shared some details about these fake calls.

They reported that nearly 100,000 people who have a contract with their company received fake calls in the past days. According to their report at the same time, they were also relieved because many people did not answer or call back these numbers. The low rate of calling these numbers back is beneficial because fake callers might stop calling these residents because they do not get any response.

Telenor also said that, although these calls are dangerous, and callers might get personal information about us, we are not necessarily in danger. These callers call up legal phone numbers from Asian countries and, because their numbers are fake, they will be charged for a serious amount of money after every call they make.

If you get a call with a number which is suspicious to you, do not answer!

Source: www.blikk.hu, www.444.hu

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