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Photo: Gergely Botár/kormany.hu

The European Union’s move to bolster the staff of border agency Frontex to 10,000 will not be enough to protect the bloc’s borders from a massive inflow of migrants, the PM’s chief security advisor said on Thursday.

Speaking to public current affairs channel M1, György Bakondi noted that

the European Parliament on Wednesday approved an agreement to beef up Frontex staff to 5,000 officers before increasing their numbers to 10,000.

Bakondi welcomed that the provision opposed by the Hungarian government, under which Frontex could intervene in a member state’s border protection efforts without the country’s consent, had been left out of the agreement. “This would’ve been a serious sovereignty issue,” he said.

Bakondi said the decision to enhance the border agency’s role was a part of the EP election campaign, arguing that it would only be implemented in the next parliamentary cycle.

“The EP has done everything it could in recent months to create a legal environment that favours the pro-migration forces,” he said.

If the composition of the EP changes after the election and if the EU’s top institutions will be headed by anti-migration politicians, it will be possible to enact decisions that are in line with the security needs of the European people, Bakondi said.

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Photo: Gergely Botár/kormany.hu

Source: MTI

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