It can be argued that Budapest is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. There are many reasons why Budapest should be on every traveler’s bucket list. From its extraordinary architecture to its glorious dazzling nightlife this capital city of Hungary is truly a sight to behold. 

However, one key element that makes Budapest so special is the city’s fabulous display of gardens. These gardens can be visited by everyone from locals to tourists. Within these gardens, you will experience the most colorful flowers, the cleanest water features and more. 

As well, you will witness the most interesting trees which are kept pristine due to the trimming and high maintenance landscaping procedures that are done by talented, trained and dedicated gardeners. With so many different gardens in Budapest, it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. Luckily enough here is a list of the best gardens in Budapest. 

Pruning and trimming trees in the gardens aren’t like levelling hedges or snipping shrubs down. Trees are much more difficult to maintain, and their branches frequently pose a hazard to the people that try to cut them down. Pole saws are the perfect tool to keep the gardens in shape which involves the all kinds of diligent work, with specifically crafted equipment like manual pole saw, and reliable machines for clearing hardy branches.

Garden of Philosophy

If you ever happen to travel to Budapest, then a must-see destination is the beautiful Garden of Philosophy (Filozófusok kertje). The Garden of Philosophy is located inside the serene Gellért Hill district of Budapest. You can enter this park for free or there are many tours of the city of Budapest that have the Garden of Philosophy as one of their stops. 

Garden of Philosophy
Photo: Wikimedia – Gothika

The reason why this park is called the Garden of Philosophy is that it is home to live sized statues of a few certain famous philosophers. These philosophers include Jesus, Abraham, Lao Tse, Buddha, and Ekhnatoa which all stand in a circle in the center of the Garden of Philosophy. In addition to these statues are also numerous other statues that are scattered around the Garden of Philosophy such as. Saint Francis, Daruma Taishi and Mahatma Gandhi. Besides these stunning statues, the Garden of Philosophy also boasts large hills which will grant you a mesmerizing view of the beautiful city. 

Fűvészkert Botanical Garden 

There are numerous reasons why you should visit Fűvészkert Botanical Garden while on a trip to Budapest. Fűvészkert Botanical Garden does charge a small fee but it does offer discounts to children, students and the elderly. This garden is located in the VIII district of Budapest in Hungary. 

Fűvészkert botanical garden Budapest ELTE
Photo: Facebook – Fűvészkert

The Fűvészkert Botanical Garden host many different greenhouses, each with their unique display of flora. This interesting feature of the Fuveszkurt Botanical Garden allows its visitors to view a spectacular display of flowers and trees year-round. However, the real gem of the Fűvészkert Botanical Garden is the many ponds that also exist within this beautiful park. All of these ponds have been gorgeously framed with stunning rock and flower displays and are teeming with active wildlife as well. 

Szent István park 

Do you want to have your breath taken away, then you have to visit Szent István park in Budapest! This park is located inside the Budapest district called Újlipótváros. This stunning park is free for people who want to visit it.

The unique part of Szent István park is that it is located in a relatively urban neighbourhood in Budapest.

This unusual feature of Szent István park allows this garden to be a great place for many community events which are held year-round.

Szent István park

Some of the events that have been hosted within the park includes concerts, live plays, open markets and more. Also, since Szent István park is surrounded by city buildings and a busy neighbourhood, this garden boasts a welcome all policy as there is no restriction on pets in this family-friendly atmosphere. 

Europa Grove Garden

One well-known fact about Europe, in general, is that there are many historic, and not to mention gorgeous, castles in every country in this continent. Hungary is no exception. Especially when you include its capital of Budapest. One of the most stunning castles in Budapest is the Buda castle. The Buda castle is located in Buda district of Budapest. One reason why the Buda castle is so beloved by tourists and locals alike is that it has a beautiful garden called the Europa Grove Garden (in Hungarian: Európa-liget). 

Photo: FŐKERT Nonprofit Zrt.

The Europa Grove Garden surrounds the Buda Castle which only adds to this historic building overall flair. This garden is framed by stunning works of architecture such as the towering Vienna gates.

As a side note, the Europa Grove Garden is always kept clean and tidy by hardworking and educated gardeners that work in Buda castle. 

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