Termalfurdo.hu shares an impressive video from heviz.hu showing Hévíz from above. The drone footage certainly proves how extraordinary the Hévíz Thermal Lake is.

The Thermal Lake is now thousands of years old and is joined by the springs of a spring cave located 38 metres deep. The water is not only hot and cold but is significantly rich in minerals. Furthermore, as the water is equally rich in dissolved and gaseous substances it unites the favourable features of fizzy, sulphurous, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and slightly radioactive thermal waters.

Hévíz was among the most popular tourist destination last year

The temperature of the rising water is 38.5 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the lake reaches 37 degrees in the summer. But it does not get much colder in the winter either, for the minimum temperature in the snowy months is 24 degrees. Therefore, the lake is absolutely suitable for a winter bath even in the coldest times.

Notably, as the water yield is 410 litres per second, the water stock of the lake completely changes in every 3 days. Besides, the lakebed is thickly covered by radioactive healing mud, which consists of both organic and inorganic materials, writes termalfurdo.hu. Also, its radium salts, sulphur and organic acids are valuable healing factors.

The Hévíz Thermal Lake is the world’s biggest biologically active and natural thermal lake, and can be now seen from an exceptional view. Check it below.

Photo: taken from the video.

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Source: termalfurdo.hu, heviz.hu, youtube.com

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