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According to, Budapest, Hévíz and Hajdúszoboszló kept their trinity in the ranking of the most popular Hungarian destinations, but KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) and’s top list also tells us that Velence is now one of the most expensive destinations in Hungary. put together the list of the most popular and most expensive Hungarian touristic destinations according to the inland and outlander guest nights and the income of the commercial accommodations.

According to the data of KSH, among our most visited cities the outlander circulation of Hévíz is the one that dwindled the most in 2015, more exactly by 14%, and this couldn’t be compensated with the inland circulation that grew by 8%. Hajdúszoboszló’s outlander circulation grew by 2% while its inland circulation grew by 9%. Out of the towns of Balaton, Siófok (-3%), Zamárdi (-2%) and Keszthely (-7,5%) were the biggest losers of outlander circulation and in the latter town even the inland circulation fell by 23%. Bük can be also found on the top list; however, its inland circulation dwindled by 3% compared to the previous year.

According to the rankings of the most inland and outlander guest nights and the income, the same 10 cities are in the lead: Budapest, Hévíz, Siófok, Sárvár, Hajdúszoboszló, Balatonfüred, Bük, Eger, Debrecen and Zalakaros. But when it comes to the income/guest night, in other words the most expensive destinations, places like Velence, Egerszalók, Kecskemét and Visegrád made it into the top ten. You can find the list that also calculated the income besides the guest nights at

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