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March 15 was the birthday of modern Hungary, Budapest mayor István Tarlós said in London, marking the 170th anniversary of the 1848-49 anti-Habsburg uprising and war of independence.

Tarlós said at the event held late on Monday in the Hungarian embassy that the struggle for liberation marked a major step along the path of Hungarians turning from a feudal society into a civic one.

He said Hungary should become a part of today’s modern European structure while preserving and protecting its national characteristics, including its European culture based on Christian values.

Tarlós met the mayor of Westminster and a delegation of London mayors and briefed them on the administrative structure of Budapest and the operations of the Budapest Assembly, while he was informed about issues concerning London’s urban management.

Zoltán Kovács, the Government Spokesperson also held a press conference yesterday in Kossuth tér outside the Parliament Building. He said that with 15 March approaching, we remember that there have always been Hungarians who believed that the freedom and independence of the country were more precious than anything else.


The Government Spokesperson highlighted they are awaiting everyone who believes in the cause of Hungarian freedom, independence and sovereignty on 15 March at Kossuth tér where the official celebration will begin at 2 p.m. As part of the event, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will deliver a speech.

We are inviting everyone who would like to commemorate the heroes of 1848 in a peaceful and celebratory atmosphere to the celebration outside the Parliament Building, he added.

The press chief of the Ministry of National Development which is organising the 15 March central state events also informed the press about the detailed programmes of this year’s 15 March national commemorations. They expect thousands of people to attend these events.

Anita Kiss said the celebratory programmes will begin at 9 a.m. on 15 March, next Thursday, with the traditional hoisting of the flag.

The national flag will be hoisted as part of a military parade, in the presence of head of state János Áder and Speaker of the House László Kövér. The state commemoration, featuring Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech, will begin at 2 p.m. in front of the Parliament Building.

In Buda Castle, too, there will be a number of programmes for those wishing to celebrate 15 March, including families. There will be a fair, a folk dance event, horse petting, battle displays, a variety of games, craft workshops for children, concerts and theatrical performances. All events will be free of charge, the press chief of the Ministry of National Development told the press, adding that

detailed information related to the celebratory events, including transport information, can be found on the website

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