They are so adorable that one cannot get enough of them.

Among the woods of Gemenc, the only black stork nest under surveillance in Hungary can be found, according to Here is where Tóbiás, the male returned on 26th February in 2017. His mate, Sára – who has been Tóbiás’ mate every year – landed in the nest on 2nd March. Nobody knows how long journeys did they take separately as neither of them has tracers. The couple made a nest in 2011 in the territory of Danube-Drava National Park, in Keselyűs, and cameras were installed near their nesting site in 2013.

Black storks are few in numbers and live in hiding

The population in Gemenc is the world’s densest black stork stock in the world.

The first egg this year was laid into the nest on 23rd March, the fourth was spotted 5 days later. Sára and Tóbiás sat on the eggs in turns. On 26th April in the morning, the first chick hatched – as the first one among the surveillance nests in Hungary – and it was followed by the second in the afternoon. The third joined the lot on the 28th, and the last sibling hatched on 1st May.

On 4th May, Tóbiás picked the smallest chick and took it away from the nest. A similar case occurred in 2015 as well. In both occurrences, this behavior was preceded by sudden cold weather.

You can follow the live broadcast of the nest on Gemenc Zrt.’s webpage, and if you scroll down that page, you can also peek into the miracle of nature, the life of the younglings, who grew much larger since their birth, they became real “though guys” – though their sexes are not known – while their fledgling is yet to come. We hope to report about that soon.

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