Nyíregyháza, Hungary. Photo: MTI

The government has published a list of new rules to enter force when the number of Hungarians inoculated against Covid-19 reaches 4 million.

The statement published on the government website shows that the night-time curfew will start at midnight and shops will be allowed to stay open until 11pm.

People holding vaccination certificates will be allowed to use indoor areas of catering establishments until 11pm, as well as hotels where they can be accompanied by children.

Venues offering leisure activities that were shut in November will reopen to vaccination certificate holders, including zoos, wildlife parks, museums, theatres, cinemas and libraries.

Gyms, swimming pools and skating rinks will also reopen to certificate holders and to all professional sportspeople aged under 18.

Sports events can be visited by certificate holders and accompanied minors until 11pm and they will not be expected to wear face masks.

Venue operators will check the validity of visitors’ vaccination certificates; failing to do so they can face fines ranging between 100,000 forints (EUR 280) and 1 million forints or up to one year in prison.

The obligation to wear masks will remain in force in public areas, on public transport and in shops.

In catering establishments and other venues, staff not holding vaccination certificates will be expected to wear masks.

The statement said that further measures for relaunching the country will be announced as the vaccination drive progresses.

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  1. I had my first vaccination on 10th March, the second on 12th April but still no certificate. I was told that it was was because the certificate needs an ID card number. My explanation that UK nationals do not have ID cards fell on deaf ears. I said that surely a passport number is acceptable. I was told that a passport number is not acceptable because the certificate has ID card number printed on it so it needs an ID card number.

  2. What about international students who got the vaccine in Hungary?
    We didn’t get certificates

  3. Surely there should be a document that shows you have permanent residency here? I don’t know how it works now after Brexit. Do you have a TAJ card? How did you manage to get vaccinated? It’s true, only those with citizenship have ID cards but if you’re allowed to stay in Hungary there should be something for them to use. You would have surely had to register to remain here? If you don’t get anywhere I would employ the services of a solicitor, someone who is listed by the embassy will be reputable.

  4. Science says the whole process of becoming immune takes at least TWO MONTHS. For Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna PARTIAL protection is approximately 12 DAYS after the first injection. Full immunity approximately TWO WEEKS after the second injection. The second dose may be given around SIX WEEKS after the first, as that’s the way the vaccines work. Who knows with Sputnik V and Sinopharm and the latter still hasn’t published their stage three trial results (the Lancet). If someone had their first injection today, and issued a card a week later, they’re NOT protected. The pictures showing busy terraces is asking for trouble. Just because there’s an election next year stop trying to placate everyone. Don’t forget we’re still one of the highest countries per capita for the death rate.

  5. After reading the article. Sounds like Hungary is returning to a Communist country again.

  6. Worried – comments shared – Excellent.
    Much the platform that I have expressed through this Facility on numerous occasions inclusive of Statistical Medical Data – FACTUAL – figures.
    Political spin – National Elections may 2022 – targeting the young voters – just little of the Propaganda agenda that is Dangerously being practiced from the present Hungarian Government.
    Economically as a country we are in BIG trouble.
    Un-employment is on the rise and all key financial indicators are heading SOUTH.
    Tourism is not going to be the provider of “divine intervention” because summer 2021 it will have negotiable “bottom line” on the Hungarian
    weakening economy.
    Hungary through the application process of “going alone” – outside European Union regulations and guidelines – use of the Russian and Chinese “vaccine” conglomerations, has highly alienated it-self, and to recover European Union, Europe and International credibility through this “go it alone” attitude will take considerable time to re-build it’s reputation.
    When vaccination certificates are ALL issued – it is a catastrophic mess at present – what countries in the European Union, Europe and the World are going to accept IMMUNIZATION to the certificate by the Russian or Chinese vaccine “conglomeration”.
    Hungary, we are likened to an island at present – nowhere to go nor move and these Certificates of Vaccination – what are there WORTH to us – medically and our ability to freely leave to visit other countries and return to Hungary.
    WHO is going to ACCEPT them ?
    Death ration against population of 9.6 million – 1in every 375 citizens, have lost their lives to this novel coronavirus.
    It will WORSEN.
    Active Cases – 258,218.
    Life Support – 782.
    Total Deaths – 26,801.
    We are on a path, led by a Government re-opening the Country that totally goes against the opinions of Medical Science – that claims Hungary were it has been – were it is at present in its CHALLENGE – against this deadly novel virus – it’s PRIORITY – maintaining strict laws over its peoples in social gathering bulk numbers sporting events – list is LONGER of the WARNINGS – that Hungary should Immunize 80% plus of its population to Human Barrier fight this novel virus.
    Political spin – propaganda – brain washing – Economics over Humanity – the National Elections 2022 – falling numbers of citizens support plus relationships in the EU and Europe and International under major “stress” – interesting and challenging times we live, and our mass problems will not disappear to-morrow but linger fester and worsen in the coming months that will not be pleasant times in our lives nor Hungary.

  7. Someone walked past me today who wasn’t wearing a mask. She was about 1.4873 meters away. Will I die?


    You should change your clothes for a sack-cloth and cover yourself with ashes.

    “THE END OF HUNGARY IS AT HAND” you proclaim to all who can understand your ramblings.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pack your bags and go back to where you came from (and drive them nuts !).

  9. So if you have the MARK you have access,you were warned 200 years ago about this,take the
    Vaccine now and if it is shedding there are going to be a lot more zombies than just the vaccinated morons.

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