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Budapest, October 19 (MTI) – Members of the Counter Terrorism Centre (TEK) have arrested a suspect in the September 24 Budapest bomb attack, public television M1 reported on Wednesday citing TEK sources.

News portals and Ripost received the same information but MTI was unable to confirm the reports after contacting several authorities.

Spokesperson of the central investigation authority Andrea Nagy said no information could be released about the investigation for the time being.

Two police officers, a 23-year-old woman, and a 26-year-old man, were injured when walking past a ground-level shop near the Grand Boulevard in central Budapest, doing their regular rounds, at 10.36pm on September 24. A homemade shrapnel bomb was used in the explosion.



Suspect in late Sept Budapest blast arrested

Budapest, October 20 (MTI) – Authorities have detained a young Hungarian in connection with the late September bomb attack in central Budapest.

On September 24, two police officers were seriously injured when a homemade shrapnel bomb exploded on Grand Boulevard.

Keresztes said that the suspect, who has no criminal record, appealed against his detention.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated the police and thanked them for their efforts. “We are proud of our police… they have proved that Hungary is a safe place where no crime will go unpunished,” the prime minister told MTI.

The suspect was arrested in southwestern Hungary’s Keszthely, the head of counter-terrorism force TEK told a press conference. János Hajdu added that TEK units had also searched a house near the site of the arrest.

National police chief Károly Papp said that the victims, one of whom had been rushed to hospital in critical condition after the blast, were expected to make a full recovery. Papp also said that the arrest had been the result of the authorities’ efforts and the reward, offered earlier for information on the perpetrator, would be withdrawn.

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Source: MTI

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