Hungarian mountains looked like they were steaming on Monday at dawn. Időké shared beautiful videos of the low-level clouds, and how they were “dancing” around the mountains. Check out the videos here.

Időké writes that due to the rainy weather that we had during the weekend, the surface level was wet enough to help create very low-level clouds that formed around Börzsöny and The Danube Bend.

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Időké has a web camera settled on top of the Prédikálószék lookout tower, which was able to capture some breath-taking shots of Börzsöny and The Danube Bend, which they shared on their YouTube channel:

Időkép also has a camera on Nagy-Hideg Hill that caught a few really nice shots:

You can read more information about Börzsöny and The Danube Bend below.

Börzsöny mountain

Börzsöny is the Westernmost member of the North Hungarian Mountains. Its varied landscape offers good hiking trails. A large part of the Börzsöny is actually a national park. From the Csóványos (the highest peak of the mountain, 938 m) we can see one of the country’s most beautiful panorama with the Danube Bend. The mountain is structurally divided into four parts: High-Börzsöny, North- Börzsöny, West Börzsöny and South Börzsöny. The highest peaks can be found in High-Börzsöny.


A large part of the Börzsöny is covered with oak and beech. 16 species of mammals are registered to be living around the mountain, while 117 species of birds occur each year in the mountains. Best-known songbirds are the nightingale, the thrush and the skylark. Among the amphibians the most spectacular is the spotted salamander; among the reptiles is the angry snake.

The Danube Bend

The Danube Bend (Hungarian Dunakanyar) is a curve of the Danube, located close to the city of Visegrád. The bend had long been a puzzle to geologists. The present-day U-shaped loop is now known to have been caused by the eruption of a volcano approximately 15 million years ago.

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