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The effects of Brexit can clearly be felt when it comes to Hungarian university applications. The new star destination could be the Netherlands, but British universities are also trying to do everything possible to avoid losing Hungarian and other EU students.

In the morning, statistics on students enrolling in UK universities were published by UCAS, the organisation that runs the UK admissions system. According to official data, this year,

58 per cent fewer Hungarian students applied to British universities by the January deadline: only 430 compared to 1,030 last year.

However, it was not only applications from Hungary that decreased. EU applications fell by 40 per cent. Last year, there were 43,030 applicants, while this year, only 26,010 students applied, writes

There are three main reasons for the decline: 

  1. increased tuition,
  2. the loss of a discounted student loan, and
  3. the requirement for a mandatory student visa.

Universities in the UK are working hard to get students back. “The decline in the number of students applying from the EU is cause for concern. It remains an important task for the British government and universities to work together to demonstrate the value of European students to them. This requires, on the one hand, maintaining the image of the United Kingdom as a high-quality destination for further education and, on the other hand, introducing new types of financial support solutions,” said Alistair Jarvis, Managing Director of Universities UK. Several British universities have developed EU scholarships. Some institutions have decided to freeze tuition fees.

One of the big winners of Brexit could be the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, there are high-quality English-language courses with favourable tuition fees. “Unfortunately, the expected scenario has been confirmed. Although their quality has not changed, Hungarian students’ interest in British universities has decreased significantly, mainly due to financial considerations. Another big question is how many of the 430 Hungarian students who applied will eventually be able to actually start their studies from September 2021, and how many will choose to postpone or rather choose the Netherlands and other European countries. We hope that the downturn is only temporary, and within a few years, new solutions will emerge that will make the UK more accessible to Hungarian students again,” said Balázs Lévai, the head of Engame Academy.

Source: Forbes

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