According to, György Kovásznai was one of the best and most unique Hungarian animation painters in the 20th century, but the communism ignored him. A lot of people started to discover him after an exhibition showed his oeuvre in the Hungarian National Gallery.

They also presented his feature length film called Bubble Bath, and dozens of short films, like Boulevard Nights.

Kovács can attract even the younger generation with his humor and fresh visual style. Áron Gauder (Nyócker), Bori Rutkai, Elemér Hankiss and many other talked about this.

“He was popular and he was like no other. It’s really just Hitchcock and van Gogh…”

– film director Ferenc Török said about Kovásznai.

It was announced on Monday morning that the website of the foundation managing Kovásznai’s heritage has been renewed. According to, there will be a Kovásznai exhibition in the London Somerset House from March 3, for two months. There are no details for now, but will report as soon as they know something.

Photo: Kovásznay György : Habfürdő 1979 YouTube video

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