According to, the young gastro star, Donal Skehan was impressed by the Budapest cuisine: he praised Hungarian flavours in his hour-long television series on the Food Network channel. And now, this episode was awarded with a special prize at the International Tour Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.

The International Festival of Touristic Films is the world’s oldest international tour film festival. Here, movies that support the development and growth of tourism are awarded. The festival was held for the 49th time, in the beginning of October, in Karlovy Vary. 197 programmes were entered from 45 countries in 4 categories.

The jury, made up of professionals, awarded the first episode of Food Network’s television series, the “Follow Donal to Europe” with a special prize. The main prize was won by the Voyager – Funky Nassau creation.

In the winner episode Donal Skehan, who became a chef and television presenter from a gastro-blogger, went around Budapest with András Jókuti, the writer of Világevő blog. They travelled around the city with a Trabant, ate lángos, visited the Gourmet Festival where they ate chicken paprikás and rooster testicle stew, and made heart-shaped candy in Cukorka.


“I couldn’t wait to visit Budapest and try the local cuisine. This finally happened last May, it was a real experience, and now, hearing about the prize, I’m happy that I didn’t back out from trying the rooster testicle” commented Donal Skehan on the great achievement.

In the series, the chef visits further nine locations like the Istria peninsula, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. The “Follow Donal to Europe” was launched on the Food Network channel in Hungary and 97 other countries in the beginning of this year. By the way, the “Follow Donal to Vietnam” series won the main prize at last year’s festival.


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