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Amy May Shead, the British woman who got paralyzed in a Budapest restaurant

A British woman with nut allergy got paralysed because of a Hungarian restaurant’s chicken and rice meal in 2014. She has survived but had to get into a wheelchair; she is now unable to speak properly, see and move.

BBC reported that the woman, after five years of medical care in a British hospital, can finally move home to her parents’ house in Westcliff-on-Sea, north-east of London.

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Amy May Shead on her birthday with parents,
photo: facebook.com/AmyMayTrust

The accident

A British woman, Amy May Shead, who worked as an online producer for ITV Daytime was on vacation with her friends in Budapest. They went to a restaurant, where, unfortunately, she suffered anaphylactic shock as soon as she had a bite of chicken.

Even though Amy emphasised three times at the restaurant that she is allergic to nut and even though she ordered chicken meal with rice directly from the chef, just a mouthful of chicken was enough to cause her anaphylactic shock and her heart stopped to beat for 6 minutes.

She had a heart attack, and the 6 minutes without her heart beating caused her severe brain damage.

She was immediately treated at Péterfy Hospital a hospital in Budapest, where doctors said her chances to survive was only 30%. Later on, after five years spent in a British hospital, surrounded by nurses 24/7, the thirty-one-year-old Amy May Shead can finally move back to her parents’ home in Westcliff-on-Sea. Since the accident, a campaign called Amy May Trust runs to raise awareness for allergies and to support Amy.

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Watch the video below to see Amy with her mother on ‘This Morning’ (the TV program that Amy used to work in earlier):

Source: bbc.com

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