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There is hardly any person in the free world who does not know the name of action movie hero Bruce Willis, star of the Die Hard franchise, The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction and many other Hollywood movies. He has just become the spokesperson for the leading Hungarian energy drink brand, HELL. The commercial featuring the famous actor debuted on 2 April worldwide, as reported.

HELL ENERGY managed to achieve something that no other Hungarian brands could so far: they have a contract with an A-list celebrity to be their spokesperson.

This is the first time when an active world-famous star from Hollywood gives his name to a Hungarian company.

As HELL ENERGY’s marketing manager, Péter Panti highlighted: HELL is a brand related to dynamism, strength and quality, so they needed a spokesperson associated with these values. A person who spent most of his career acting in the most prestigious action movies seemed to be a splendid choice. Multiple celebrities’ names came up, but they have finally chosen Bruce Willis, as he is known everywhere and his name means quality. Moreover, he was in Budapest a couple of years ago for shooting a movie – which is not a rare case nowadays with Hollywood projects – so he is somewhat familiar with Hungary.

The commercial campaign featuring the movie star was launched in about 50 export countries of HELL. They were making use of the opportunities provided by 360-degrees communication methods, including social media. Bruce Willis’ face will also be visible on HELL’s billboards and posters in supermarkets.

The creative producers of the commercial wanted to create a unique advertisement that throws away the stereotypical tropes of most energy drink commercials — fast cars, extreme sports, parties. After a long series of brainstorming and production, the shooting of the short film could begin in January 2018. The result can be watched here:

The commercial starring Bruce Willis was published on 2 April and has been aired since then on most of the leading Hungarian commercial TV channels.

The fully Hungarian company HELL ENERGY currently covers more than 50 countries with its energy drinks.

Their factory in Szikszó produces about 4.5 million cans of taurine drinks every day. The company is considered a miracle in Hungary, as HELL has become one of the leading energy drink brands in the world within only 10 years. Bruce Willis’ recommendation might help the cans with the devil symbol sell on an even larger scale.

featured image: Wikimedia Commons


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