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Firstly Hungarian TV channel TV2 News reported that a nightclub’s security guards have beaten a 57-years-old man and pepper sprayed two of his children, in VII. district, Budapest. The victim has prosecuted about the case at the police.

The innocent German man is the top manager at one of Germany’s great car producer companies. He was visiting his two sons in a restaurant in the Hungarian capital city, reported A similar case happened two weeks ago when two drugged men started to fight the innocent crowd in front of a city-centre pub.

The family members were having dinner at a fancy restaurant, which went really well in the beginning.

However, at the end of their dinner, they left the restaurant after paying the receipt, and they thought they had had such a great time that they wanted to return to this restaurant after a couple of hours.

However, at the restaurant’s entrance, something unexplainable happened: bodyguards have not let the three men inside and the parties started to debate. After that, bodyguards have pepper sprayed the two sons, and they began to beat the older brother. The younger one, who is 17, tried to defend his older brother, but he was pepper sprayed, too, and he was kicked and punched by the bodyguards.

During this, their father recorded the fight on his phone, but little after a while, he was hit in the face, too. The German father’s cheekbone and zygoma have even broken.

The beaten man has got into one of the Budapest hospitals, but he purposely went home to Germany, after the accident. At the German hospital, he was told that he needs an operation as soon as possible.

Details about the child murder case in Szekszárd (18+)

His lawyer, Dr Zoltán Varga told:

The victim does not have any idea why the bodyguards had attacked the family; they just wanted to have a good time. The father has filed a lawsuit; currently police is investigating the case. What happened was severe bodily harm committed with extreme cruelty by law. – said the German man’s lawyer.

According to Blikk, CCTV on street has recorded the attack. Four men were interrogated so far in the case.


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