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Residents of the Hungarian town located in Tolna county were shocked two days ago when the dead body of a five-year-old girl was found next to Séd stream. The young girl was murdered with brutality and allegedly by one of her family members.

Last Friday (March 8), around 4:30 pm, a young man called the young girl out of her house with an unknown promise to meet him next to the local stream’s shore – reports Origo. When the little girl arrived, the man hit her head several times with a heavy tool – allegedly with an iron pipe.

The authorities received a phone call and were informed that a young girl disappeared and cannot be found. The search began right after the incident was reported, and her dead body was found at 8:45 pm – reported The ambulance arrived at the location in a short time but, unfortunately, the girl died immediately when her head was hit by the iron pipe.

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The police of Tolna county arrested a local man right after they examined the location of the murder. The suspected murderer is the cousin of the young girl, and the two families lived in a house with the same yard in Szekszárd. It also turned out that in 2017 – when the man was seventeen years old –, he was put under trusteeship by the court.

Since then, other information and details were revealed. The mother of the young girl reported that, allegedly, the man raped the girl before he killed her because she was found without her trousers on – wrote Origo.

According to, on Sunday (March 10), the arrested man did a partial plea agreement but did not say that he committed the murder. The director of the police station in Tolna county did not report anything specific about whether the man was one of the girl’s family members or whether he raped her, but he emphasised that the man was put under trusteeship in 2017, and he also took drugs.

On Monday (March 11), the local court of Szekszárd remanded the 19-year-old man in custody – reported HVG.

The man was put in custody to prevent the investigation from failure and the witnesses from manipulation. The judge also decided to send the man into an asylum. The lawyer of the man objected as soon as the sentence became known. Other details of the case will not be reported by the police.

The crime of murder is punished with 10–20 years of jail or with a life sentence, but as the man is only 19 years old, a life sentence is not a possible punishment.

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