In the last one hundred years, the situation and status of Transylvania and its Hungarian residents encountered many difficulties, and their relationship with Romania started to go in the wrong direction. Ever since the Treaty of Trianon, Bucharest has been trying to get the region’s natural supplies, destroy its culture, and shape the area to their expectations. 

Transilvania, Red Lake, Hungary
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24 reported that Hungarian people of Romania hoped that after Trianon, Transylvania would be the location and starting point of the modernisation of the country, but their belief turned into disappointment as the government sees the region only as a “colony”. Since the most tragic day of Hungarian history, the Romanian government – as many Hungarians reported – has been trying to get all the natural resources and benefits of Transylvania and make them the main asset of Romania in its political and economic development. 

The Romanian government has been trying to develop their regions outside of Transylvania, with no success. To make progress, the government started to demolish Transylvania’s cultural and economic heritage. 

This means that all the mines and natural resources of Transylvania have been taken into the possession of the Romanian government. Romania is a unique country regarding its geography as the capital is the centre of the country only when it comes to geographical and political facts. Transylvania is still the biggest and most powerful region in Romania, and there is hardly any Transylvanian citizen who would travel to Bucharest in joy only for one day. This might be the reason why the government tries to “steal” the values of the region while still complaining.

For example, Bucharest still does not have any motorways that connect the Romanian capital with other EU capitals, but Transylvania has many to western regions. 

The government still has no intention of developing Transylvania’s transportation or establishing more bus routes and airports in the region, and despite the area’s beautiful mountainous regions, major winter sports events still do not exist in Transylvania as the government does not build sports facilities. But the region has every necessary ingredient for a modern and well-organised winter sports event.

Another problem is related to autonomy as it has been reported that only Székler autonomy is accepted in the country while other Hungarians living on the outskirts of Transylvania are forgotten.



  1. Jealous hateful Hungarians have always been drooling over Transylvania. Its not your country, Transylvania is part of Romanian land since the Dacians 2000 years ago before Hungarians ever came to Europe from Mongolia. Transylvania is Romanian land that Romanians can do anything they want with. Hungarians need to stop trying to steal Transylvania, as they have for hundreds of years. During the Austro Hungarian empire, it was the Hungarians thay occupied Transylvania and treated it as a colony persecuting millions of Romanians. Romanians have always fought back and successfully reclaimed their lands so Hungarians need to stop being sore losers.

  2. It looks like and sounds like that the solution is that Transylvania should be a separate country.

  3. Are you Hungarian? Ok that is why you are writing all this. TranSilvania is the correct spelling not with a Y Since you obviously have no idea about the history.
    Transilvania was always Romanian way before Hungarians settle there in the year 700. Romania also know as Dacia was there as one country under the name DACIA invaded by the Roman emperor Trajan in the year 105. So, next time you write an article learn some history.
    Transilvania is ROMANIA and we make the calls there not Hungarians. Our country our rules.

  4. majority of the Romanian investments go to transylvania. In fact transylvania is more developed than majority of Hungary.

  5. I am not Hungarian, nor Romanian. I have been to Transilvania, which is a rather big and diverse region and therefore not easy to put in one frame with a perfectly defined ethnicity. This article appears to be lacking balance, it is unfair to Romania and Romanians. For example, about the mines, why shouldn’t Romania exploit its own mines? Hungarians have been doing that for centuries, in Transilvania as well as in other parts of pre-Trianon Hungary. Slovakia’s Banská Bystrica mines got exploited by Germans and Hungarians to the point that in the 19th C they were already out of their copper and silver.
    I do not think Hungarians would be happy if Romanians interfered with how Hungary acts and does in its own territory.

  6. ‘the most tragic day of Hungarian history’ was when it started World War 1. Had it not done that, there would not have been Trianon.

  7. Nature RULES! If we RESPECT nature we survive and prosper. If we divide and conquer we PERISH !
    Non of those people sitting at the table at Trianon followed that rule! They DIVIDED AND CONQUERED!
    If they had any RESPECT for the EARTH that gave them life, they would have at least kept the Carpathian Basin boundaries intact and created separate nations like Carpathian Serbs, and Carpathian Romanians or in this case i mentioned Carpathian Transylvanians. They could have had their cake and eat it too – SURVIVED AND PROSPERED!
    By the way, I am a real person and you can google me.

  8. Trans Silvania, or The Country Beyond the Forests, or Erdely in Hungarian, is the Craddle of The Romanian People. Always been there, always been chased to the mountains by Nomad Invaders, always looking deep into the future.
    Actually, beyond Bucharest, Transilvania cities are more developed than any other ( Cluj – Napoca, Brașov, Sibiu, Timișoara, Oradea, Arad). There are no multiple lane highways, a pity, but there are good roads including Transalpina, a 1900 years old Roman road, between the regions of Romania. Romania has at its helms a lot of people from the region. Klaus Iohannis as President- A German, L. Orban as PM – a Maghyar,
    D. Cioloș – from Zalău, D. Bârna from Sibiu. Any Romanian in the Maghyar Parliament?
    Anyway, the article is a comedy. Keep irritating all neighbours and next time all Maghyars, or Hun-Garians may be sent back to Altaï Mountains. Funny, only 10% of the present day Hun-Garians have the good looking oblique eyes. Most are mixed with Romanians, Slovaks, Serbs, Germans, you name it
    HUNGARY is not a democracy anymore. No wander. The Dicktator Orbàn Viktor will lead you to total collapse, total alienation, total crazyness. Like Horthy, and Béla Cohen ( Kun) did.
    Be cool, be nice, be thoughtful, be DEMOCRATIC.

  9. This is just propaganda from a dicktatorial regime.

    If you have guts post my previous message. You don’t. Orbàn Viktor will castrate you if you do not fill up your norm of bs.
    Béla Cohen ( Kun) was trying the same. One day we will arrive.

  10. The last comment I totally agree. The brains of this beautiful Carpathian ECOSYSTEM (it even looks like a brain) was Hungary. It’s to bad the Trianon bunch didn’t have brains enough to see it!

  11. Russian propaganda much? Transilvania was always a Romanian land, only for a period stolen by Hungary. I don’t know why Hungary can’t pass over the fact that the region is back to his right owner. Hungarian tribe came from nowhere here where Romanians are living way before Roman empire.

  12. We will continue to work for the reintegration of Transylvania back into the Hungarian homeland. It needs an open hand to help take care of the land and people who have constantly been abused by the corrupt and dangerous government of Romania. Unfortunately, the Romanian people fail to notice the neglect of their own “citizens”. All the progress in the Transylvania area has been made possible by the local populace. Romanian investment in Transylvania is akin to giving spare change to a beggar. Scraps to keep them alive while other regions receive the bulk of investment funds.

  13. Romanians commenting here are so ridiculous, claiming Transylvania is the cradle of their culture, that they’re descendants of Dacians. Haha all a bunch of hogwash…these people so desperately seek a history where there is none. Romania is merely the benefactor of a swindle called the diktat of Trianon. Anyone who knows the history of the region knows that Transylvania was an integral part of Hungary or an independent Hungarian principality for over 1000 yrs. There are no historic events, battles fought, cities built, universities founded etc attributed to or associated With these Romanian people. All they have is this Daco/Roman myth which is rubbish. They’re entire history, what little there is of it is falsified propaganda. This 150 yr old country has no business speaking of history, Vlachs as Romanians were called in medieval times were nationless Balkan nomads. Only during the 20th century through the signing of secret treaties, deceit and treachery and designs of coveting land from neighboring countries do you see the romania of today.

  14. There are airports in Transilvania and many events taking place indeed mainly in Cluj and Oradea. The infrastructure issue is an old problem for whole territory and a subject of political debate. The mining sector is now almost dead and not sure whether Transilvania was indeed that crucial as Romania had other explorations four coal, gold or bauxite. The Bucharest centralism at the end worked as a system and to say that it distroyed Transylvania’s culture is probably untrue despite demographic structure which suffered changes. Don’t forget either that 50 years of comunism altered the culture of entire country. I am Romanian and I think Magyars are an important part of that geographical space occupied by the state of Romania. There are many of us regretting the loss of Turks, Jewish or German Romanians who left our national community for different reasons. I think we are all at home and we see now the real danger coming from a certain ideology trying to destroy identities and people’s traditions. I think Hungary and Romania should make a common front and reconcile.

  15. BS, to all angry Hungarians about this issue, aren’t you tired of this, it’s a pointless debate, the boundaries between the two countries are set in stone and will never change until maybe we have a federal EU, comrade Viktor is just using this narrative to stay in power as long as possible, maybe until 2036 like putin, textbook case since the Romans did the same with gladiator fights in the colloseum, to distract people from the real problems, just live your life in peace and a positive way, and respect your neighbors, in short g e t a l I f e! PS: I’ve been to Budapest for about 2 months and it’s nice, I hope both angry Hungarians and Romanians get over this nonsense 🙂

  16. Hungarian Foreign Intelligence Service diversion. Tipically for Hungarian foreign policy of destabilisation of countries with Hungarian minorities. They dream of a Hungary with 12 million hungarians and 6 million Romanians as minority just for the sake of natural resources. Disgusting.

  17. what a pile of horse shit. Do come and visit all Transilvania, you will be amazed is not full with Hungarians. And not everybody speaks Hungarian. We respect your wishes but this will not happen again. We left it once behind, not anymore. 1919 tell yous something, when Romanian flag was over the Parliament in Budapest? So Trianon was just, not only for us but also for the Slovak and Serb.

  18. As I said before, NATURE RULES! If we RESPECT our environment it will take care of us. If wi focus on boarders of watersheds and Basins instead of nations we all would be better off. The Carpathian Basin RULES! EITHER YOUR IN OR OUT BUT YOU CAN’T BE BOTH!
    A respectful note to all that that contributed to this lively chat, Szabo, Ela,Dan, Paulus, Olah, and Mario. Thank you and remember what we all have in common – The earth we are standing on!

  19. Why are there so many Romanians on this site if they hate Hungarians so much?
    Hey Paulus read history, Hungary did not start ww1, you ignorant idiot. What history book or historical document is that even written?
    Romania has had 100 years to incorporate Transylvania. It hasn’t. Poor governments, mindless hostility or just piss poor ideas. Romania is the poor man of Europe, that has an abundance of resources yet a mindset 500 years behind. The only government that adds 1 plus 1 but gets -3 for an answer. Transylvania should be independent and let the inhabitants try running the region.

  20. Dez Szatmari ( a Romanian name – Sat Mare – big village in Latin.
    Although some Romanians think that it is not possible to integrate 6 millions Romanians into 10M Hungatians we know that on the next WWIII either Romanians or Hun-Garians will disappear.
    Out birth certificate is on the Trajan’s column in Rome. Where is yours? For some 20.000 maghyars who made it from Altaï to Europe in caravans, gypsy style, you cannot claim anything.
    You treated Romanians with absurd cruelty during 800 years. We had to hide on the Mountains Peaks. Look in Oaș, Maramureș, Țara Moților and you will see the same people as on Trajan’s column. You? How many of today have oblique eyes? Yes, Orbàn Viktor does it. Our Orban Ludovic, mother Romanian, does not.
    We know that you will slaughter us all if one day you will be allowed to conquer. During the WWII the Nazis were impressed how you, your ancestors obviously, collected all Jews and sent them to Auschwitz.
    You were Christianized by the whip, not by the heart.

    We do not need your help. Romanians know how inhumanly you treated them 800 years. They cannot trust you. But you know what could happen?
    As you and your allied started 2 world wars, you may not survive the third. Regardless if you are best friends with Russia now. Russia will lose everything also, as 3 billions Chinese keep an eye on once was really theirs; Siberia, from Urals to Vladivostok.

    See you in year 2200.

  21. This is anti-romanian PROPAGANDA

    1.Average NET salary 2020
    Germany – 2450 euro
    Hungary – 789 euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Romania – 702 euro

    2.Minimum NET salary 2020
    Germany – 1168 euro
    Hungary – 325 euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Romania – 283 euro

    The living standards and salaries in Hungary and Romania are almost identical, just 10% higher in Hugary, so what is the author talking about ??

    Also Hungary is MORE CORRUPT than Romania and MORE VIOLENT than Romania with a murder and suicide rate 2x as high as in Romania. And the debt of Hungary is 70% of the GDP 2x higher than the one of Romania 35%.

  22. Seriously people… Romanians have nothing to do with Dacians or Romans, just like we don’t have anything to do with the ancient tribes anymore. After a 1000 years we’re still unable to live next to each other in peace, accepting the facts. History is written by victors, but it’s not undoubtedly true.

    We owned the land for about a 1000 years, regardless of ottomans, Romanians, or anyone else.
    We’ve lost it, and it now belongs to Romania, that’s also a fact.

    Both people have the right to the land, as such let’s just say it belongs to Romanians and Hungarians and all other minorities living there. Does not matter who says something wrong about the other, on historical or any other basis. It’s wrong.

    Romanians saying bad about Hungarians, or Hungarians about Romanians based on unverified legends makes us equally bad and undeserving.

    Let’s just think people. Does a truly good person say things like the ones above?

  23. Are you aware of this history of the Kingdom of Transylvania and the Kingdom of Wallachia? Romanian isn’t a really thing.

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