A non-official park inauguration was held Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Kaszászdűlő’s local train stop. The Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party commemorated the recently deceased Bud Spencer.

Nlcafe.hu writes that the Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party announced a few days ago that they had found an unnamed park at Kaszásdűlő, so they decided to call it Bud Spencer Park. “We’ll make a memorial tablet and organise a park inauguration party with Bud Spencer’s favourite beans with onions, soundtracks, a memorial crowd fight, but no pistachio ice cream.”

They went on with stating that “the inauguration celebration will be a demonstration, at the same time, against unnamed public places in Budapest. An unnamed park can cause serious spiritual harm for the locals: a survey has shown that more than 20% of dwellers in unnamed places suffer from depression and 12% of them are bold. More everything and less nothing!” (Keep in mind that they are a joke political party!)

Bud Spencer’s official Facebook page thanked the park inauguration with a photo:

Video in Hungarian, by HVG:

Photo: MTI

Copy editor: bm

Source: http://www.nlcafe.hu/, http://ketfarkukutya.com/

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