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In addition to Business Parking and Holiday Lite Parking, Budapest Airport is also suspending the operation of Holiday Parking. From 1 April, passengers can only use the services of Terminal Parking, out of the airport car parks.

Bus 100E suspended

Following the drop in passenger traffic at Ferenc Liszt International Airport, the utilization of airport bus services also decreased. Bus 100E currently commutes between the airport and the city center with a reduced frequency, every half an hour, and the line will be suspended from 1 April. For more information, please monitor the website of the Budapest Transport Center.

BUD Cargo City is fully operational

Almost all forwarder partners moved into the BUD Cargo City by the end of March, whereby the cargo gateway of Central and Eastern Europe became fully operational. The air cargo handling facility, handed over last year, has assumed a more important role in Hungarian air cargo than ever before, as, besides “regular” consignments, the medical equipment required for managing the coronavirus pandemic arrive here as well. The forwarder and the handling buildings of the Cargo City offer favorable conditions for efficient goods handling, enabling supplies to get to where they are needed in the shortest possible time.

Budapest Airport inaugurated the cargo handling hub called the BUD Cargo City at Ferenc Liszt International Airport last year. The world-class facility consists of a 21 200 square meter warehouse hall with an office section and a 11 650 square meter forwarder building, with a huge, 32 000 square meter adjoining apron. With the opening of the BUD Cargo City, the cargo handling capacity of Budapest Airport could increase from 150 000 tons to 250 000 tons per year.

Budapest Airport’s cargo traffic during the coronavirus pandemic

The measures passed by the Hungarian government impact aviation, and thus, the operation of Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport as well. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, Budapest Airport is working around the clock for the seamless operation of air cargo, as, in addition to supporting the national economy, this is hugely important for ensuring the availability of medical supplies, and plays a key role in the operation of supply chains and in job retention in the related areas.

Ferenc Liszt International Airport continues to welcome and launch cargo flights, enabling the arrival of more medical supplies. Budapest Airport supports the work of the government by all means, in order to maintain the seamlessness of transportation.

What happens to the crews of the cargo aircraft?

A body temperature measurement of the crew takes place prior to disembarkation, and they can only leave the aircraft if the medical staff does not ascertain any coronavirus symptoms. If the suspicion of COVID-19 infection arises (irrespective of nationality), the protocol of the screening organization is enforced, and the person in question is transported to the Saint Ladislaus Hospital.

Prior to disembarkation, the crew must make a written declaration, under criminal liability, whether they disembarked from the aircraft in other countries. If the crew does not wish to go to a resting facility, only to walk around the aircraft to inspect it, they can move around the aircraft, but may not leave the stand, and must return on board, once the checks are complete.

If the suspicion of coronavirus infection does not arise:

If the crew members are Hungarian citizens, or the citizens of an EEA member state with a permanent Hungarian residence card, they may enter Hungary. If they visited other countries, or disembarked from the aircraft in other countries, and they are Hungarian citizens, they do not need to remain in authority quarantine at home. However, based on the obligation specified in the government decree on the restriction of movement, they may only leave their place of residence or stay on reasonable grounds, such as, for example, work, professional commitments, etc.

EEA citizens with a Hungarian residence card who do not show any suspicious symptoms, but visited other countries may enter Hungary, but they must remain in authority quarantine at home for 14 days.

If the crew members are foreign or non-EEA citizens, and do not have a permanent Hungarian residence card, they can only enter Hungary if they spend their resting time in the designated hotel, under Police supervision. There, they are not permitted to meet other persons, to use the social areas and facilities of the hotel (bar, restaurant, wellness, sport, etc.), or to welcome guests. They must spend their waiting time in their rooms. After their waiting time, they are driven back to the airport, to the departing flight. Rooms are disinfected after the departure of the guests.

Budapest Airport appreciates cooperation

Air cargo is thus of key importance in the fight against coronavirus. The hard work of colleagues employed in air freight is indispensable in this process. Budapest Airport would like to thank all of its colleagues, as well as the airlines, staff working at the integrators, ground handling companies, the Airport Police, Customs and the aviation authority for their persistent and exemplary work.

Source: Budapest Airport – Press release

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