The developments of Budapest Airport could reach EUR 1 billion this year as despite the coronavirus epidemic and the severe lack of passengers the leadership of the airport does not give up on building a brand-new terminal and proceeds with other developments.

Mfor reported that the new contract with the consortium of the airport includes building a new terminal and making the already used buildings, lounges and other parts of the airport more modern and passenger-friendly. Alongside with interior developments, the airport also plans to create a brand new traffic hub with more roads, parking spaces and even a station where the so-called airport-train could depart passengers. Since 2018, the number of parking spaces has been increased, but because of the epidemic, the airport closed down many of them. 

Budapest Airport
Photo: Budapest Airport

All of these investments value between EUR 800 million to 1 billion. An additional EUR 200 million from the European Investment Banks has not been used yet. 

The original intention of the airport was to spend a maximum of EUR 700 million on the investments. When the coronavirus epidemic broke out both the company and the consortium needed to rethink the situation. They agreed on the fact that the capacity and service development of the airport is currently enough for the number of passengers travelling during the epidemic. They postponed all the significant investments to next year but still continuously go on with the already started ones this year. 

In November 2019, Cargo City was established, while this year a brand-new 11,500 square meters lounge for passengers, SkyCourt (baggage service), new roads and hubs, digital investments (screens, automatic doors), renewed fields for aeroplanes were inaugurated. These and the future investments will allow the airport to become one of the most prominent ones on the continent once the epidemic ends and people start to travel again.

Budapest Airport passenger pier opens
Photo: Budapest Airport

Recently, because of the epidemic, nearly six hundred employees were fired. If the airport is not able to regain its incomes, more people will be sent away.

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