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With craft beer gaining more and more popularity around the world every day, CNN went ahead and found out just where to go and have a bottle while travelling. Here are the 15 best beer cities in the world!

Breweries experiment a lot today with their craft beers, try to reimagine old tastes and techniques and create no one, it is quite impossible not to find something you like, according to CNN.

Here is the list of the top 15 cities to get a beer with your friends in:

  • Portland, Maine, USA

Portland, ME, has the most breweries per capita in the US and is on every true beer fanatics list to visit. Novare Res is an excellent place to start at, the bar’s rotating taps will for sure be a hit, offering beers such as Allagash, Bissell Brothers, Liquid Riot or Maine Beer Co. The next stop should be Oxbow Blending & Bottling; it offers European inspired beers as well as a chill, warehouse-style bar. Lastly, you should visit Foulmouthed Brewing, a used-to-be auto shop, and try their Grawlix IPA, made from locally grown hops.

  • Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Asheville has a history of craft brewing. The Green Man Brewery and Dirty Jack’s are staples of the city and have been for a long time. Wicked Weed Brewing is another must-visit; they experiment with all kinds of flavours and tastes. The Westville Pub offers an extensive range of beers; regional favourites are always available along with their own beers.

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Grand Rapids did not nickname itself “Beer City, USA” for nothing. Founders Brewing has over 80 breweries in the area and is the one Grand Rapids has to thank for being known. Brewery Vivant serves tasty farmhouse ales; their “Pleinde Vie” is a must-try. (Fun fact: it is located in a former funeral home.) The Mitten, situated at an old firehouse, has a menu full of pun-filled names, which Baseball fans will undoubtedly find funny.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Belgium has a rich history of beers and brewery, many traditions stemming from Trappist monasteries, but most of them are not open to the public. Cantillon, in Brussels, offers daily tours and fruity flavours. Brussels Beer Project is known for experimentation and collaboration. They have over 40 new beers each your, so you will find something appealing for sure.

  • Tokyo, Japan

Popeye is the oldest craft beer bar in Tokyo. It was founded in 1960, to a western image and they broadened their menu in the 90s. They now have 70 taps, and an offer of international beers. Baird Harajuka Tap Room combines Japanese izakaya and beer. They serve Connecticut-style pizza to go along with unique seasonal beers and regulars. Hitachino Brewing Lab is one of the most famous breweries in Japan. It is near Akihabara station, offers Kiuchi Brewery’s Hitachino Nest beer, limited-edition beers and samples, too.

  • Shanghai, China

Did you know that China consumes a quarter of the beer in the world? Shanghai has a wide range of local and international offerings. Boxing Cat Brewery has three locations in the city; they often collaborate with other national and international breweries. Daga Brewpub is a three-story bar with 40 taps. The Hop Project, though much smaller, is just as amazing. It is a grilled cheese restaurant with a rotating craft beer tap.

  • Berlin, Germany

Brauhaus Lemke is the oldest craft brewer in Berlin. Vagabund will be your favourite if you love IPA and APA, American expatriates opened it. Hops & Barley is located in an old butcher shop, offers traditional beer styles and has a cosy, chill vibe.

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  • Rome, Italy

Birra Baladin is a great first stop; they are one of the biggest craft beer producers in the country. They offer tours on Sundays, but the beer garden is always happy to have visitors. Donkey Punch is a rock-and-roll centred shop, where you can grab a bite along with a Birra Plurale golden ale. One of the first craft beer bars is Ma Che Siente Venuti a Fà, with 16 taps of international brews.

  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The first brewpub opened in 1984 in Victoria, and their numbers keep increasing. Swans Brewery is a hotel as well as a brewpub, and one of the pioneers of the city. In Canoe Brewpub you can relax with an excellent pale ale on their patio. Hoyne is a next-generation brewery. They offer their own creations, like Entre Nous, which is Belgian-style, infused with BC cherries. For more innovative and extreme beers, visit Driftwood Beer for their Raised by Wolves IPA.

  • Melbourne, Australia

The Catfishes taps are always full of local craft beers, and they also have live music to go along a good old kick back with your friends. Moon Dog Brewing has seasonal, experimental beers calls its taproom a “tropical brewery bar paradise” and is styled much like paradise, with palm trees. Thunder Road has been in the game for a decade and is not going anywhere. Their Pacific Breeze Aussie ale is a must-try, and while you are there, get something to eat from the food truck in the courtyard.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

For a century, South African Breweries was the only one in South Africa, but thanks to the craft beer revolution, the palette has widened considerably. Jack Black’s offers amazing burgers to accompany their Butcher Block pale ale or Brewers Lager. Ukhamba Beerworx is black-owned and carries on the Nguni tribe’s brewing traditions while creating modern brews at the same time. Banana Jam is here to please you with 30 taps and amazing Caribbean dishes. Their house brews, such as Pirate Porter are available at all time, and they also have a rotating menu.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

Quimera not only has unusual beer offerings but a unique location as well. It is in an underground royal tunnel, used by King Manuel II to escape in 1910. You must try their  Brett IPA and peanut butter porter. Marvila is Lisbon’s self-proclaimed beer district, created by three local breweries: Musa, Lince and Dois Corvos. They are independent, but very close, only a few minutes’ walk from one another.

  • Warsaw, Poland

Pinta’s flagship beer is an American-style IPA, called Atak Chmielu, meaning “attack of hops.” They first introduced it in 2011, and have expanded their palette since. Kufle i Kapsle has three pubs in Warsaw, each offering local pours from craft breweries such as Artezan, in a broad range of styles, like traditional smoked grodziskie or pilsner.

  • Tallinn, Estonia

Põhjala Brewery, founders of Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, have been brewing since 2011. They opened their brewhouse in 2018, with a tasting room featuring 24 taps, and servings of Texas BBQ. For an authentic Estonian taste, try out koduõlu-style, raw farmhouse ale from Saaremaa island brewery Pihtla, in a bar called Porgu. Taptap serves Danish hot dogs and has brews on tap as well as hundreds of local and international bottles to wash it down with.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is not one to lack in offerings of craft beer. Legfelsőbb Beeróság has one of the largest selections of the best Hungarian beers, serving only Hungarian craft beers from 10 taps and a menu of 150 bottles. A bar dedicated to cask ale, Élesztő (meaning “yeast” in Hungarian) offers beer from its brewery from over 20 taps and has a hotel nearby. And if that was still not enough for you, you should visit Jónás Craft Beer House, where you can do a bit of sightseeing and exploring with your beer in hand, in their stunning outdoor beer garden, located on the Danube.

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