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The members of Minuet, a travelling social site, has named Budapest as one of the 50 cities that every tourist need to see.

Budapest is on the list among such tourist attractions like Venice, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

During the decision, the cultural heritage of Budapest, the openness of the people and the historical traditions were taken into consideration. The communication on this issue emphasized that in the case of the capital of Hungary, the number of world heritage monuments and the uniqueness of the tourist attractions meant a lot.

The list is based on the actual experience of the travelers in 2014: about 1.2 millions views of travelers have been taken into account. Minube is a mobile- and web-based travelling site that had more than 60 million users in the past year, from 40 countries.

The list has been seen and liked by more than 2 million Facebook users, and has been shared 300.000 times.

The full list can be seen HERE.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai

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