Budapest has a reputation as one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. The British Post Office, which ranked Budapest as the third cheapest city for a weekend break in a previous survey, has now compiled a Christmas Market barometer to find out which European city with a Christmas market is worth a visit in this holiday season, reports.

Eleven European cities were ranked according to the total costs of an Advent holiday break, as well as individual items such as accommodation for 2 nights, travel costs, a two-course meal with a bottle of wine, and of course food and drinks at the Christmas market. Moreover, since many people do their Christmas shopping while travelling, the Post Office also surveyed the costs of some typical Christmas gifts.

The Budapest Christmas Fair among the most magical Christmas markets in Europe

Considering the overall costs of a holiday, Budapest came 6th with 633 pounds (742 euros). The result is mostly due to the high accommodation costs that rival those of Vienna’s, placing the Hungarian capital below Tallinn, Riga, Prague, Munich, and Lille.


However, when it comes to food and drinks, Budapest took first place, and the city came second in the price comparison of gifts. Several good bargains make Budapest ideal for gift shopping, for instance, a Marc Jacobs perfume can be purchased for almost half of its UK price, while other items, such as a pair of UGG boots or a Fitbit fitness watch, go for considerably higher prices.

Based on total costs, here is the list of the cheapest holiday destinations in this season:

  1. Tallinn – 537 pounds (629 euros)
  2. Riga – 546 pounds (640 euros)
  3. Prague – 581 pounds (681 euros)
  4. Munich – 609 pounds (713 euros)
  5. Lille – 629 pounds (737 euros)
  6. Budapest – 633 pounds (742 euros)
  7. Berlin – 634 pounds (743 euros)
  8. Strasbourg – 641 pounds (751 euros)
  9. Copenhagen – 731 pounds (856 euros)
  10. Vienna – 750 pounds (879 euros)
  11. Stockholm – 800 pounds (937 euros)


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