As December is slowly approaching we start feeling the Christmas spirit, which is perfectly embodied in the Christmas markets throughout the country. To kick off the season, the Dealchecker travel site put together a list of the most magical Christmas markets in Europe and Budapest is featured on the list.

But the list is not an average list, it is a spectacular info graphics, which presents the most magical European Christmas markets in a lovely way. These markets are the ultimate winter sights that give an insight into the culture and the traditions of different cities. The website highlights the markets with the best spectacular lights, with the best festive foods, with the best quirky gifts, also presented in order of the best local markets and the best traditional markets.


The Budapest Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square is featured as one of the best markets for quirky gifts. They write that “Hungary’s festive market experience has recently been named as the cheapest in Europe, making it a must for all Christmas gifters on a budget. The city’s Vörösmarty Square plays host to a sprinkling of traditional stalls selling all manner of trinkets, and the smell of honey cookies and cinnamon is irresistible to even the most seasoned shopper.”

Visit Vörösmarty Square and enjoy the Christmas spirit in the heart of Budapest!


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  1. We were able to enjoy this wonderful Christmas market several years ago when we visited! It was a highlight of our time in Budapest. I would recommend anyone with the opportunity to travel to Hungary to go during the Christmas season and visit the Christmas market!

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