Hungary has become increasingly popular in the eyes of foreigners: according to Film Fund, Budapest is the most-sought filming location after London in Europe and the proportion of the foreigners’ real estate acquisition is also growing. The Budapest Government Office receives an average of 4 to 5 filming requests a day – Bela Foldvari, Head of Department said in the Radio Orient broadcast, said.

Authority Department of Budapest Government Office acts in the first instance in cases of expropriation, road notation, compensation, mine easement, real estate acquisition of foreigners and cases of street filming licensing, administrative fines related to inadequate compliance with statistical reporting and partly in the case of the Hungarian ID. Bela Foldvari stressed, an annual average of 600-700 quadratic cases arrive at them and they also take action in the first instance in several areas.

In Europe, Budapest became the most popular filming location after London, the proportion of filming cases are steadily increasing. 1210 street filming permit processes began last year in the capital. “An average of 4-5 a day, but sometimes up to53 applications are submitted to the authorities” – the Head of Department said. He added,    they examine the applications first, then they contact the relevant bodies and local governments, and finally, if everything is legal, they approve the requests. The municipality has the right to consider each case that how much burden the works would be for local residents. All of this is recorded in an official contract.

Bela Foldvari stressed, as a rule, the administration period is 5 working days, and it may be reduced to 2 days in priority cases. “We are connected with 10-12 film production companies mostly” – he emphasized. The most common sites leased for filming are Buda Castle and its surroundings and the historic downtown buildings.

The annex of the legislation on shooting films also includes the pricing. “ In the case of the Castle and the historical buildings, the charges extend from down to HUF 1000 to 200 per square meter” – Foldvari told.

In recent years, the Hungarian capital became a popular center of the foreign property acquisitions. The Head of Department said mostly real estates and shops are bought. The authority finds the bodies concerned in these cases to examine whether real estate acquisition harms public interest. he Immigration and Nationality Office certifies legal residence, the National Police Headquarters certifies the possible arrest warrant and KEK KH the clean judicial record. The mayor informs whether it harms local government interests – Foldvari summarized the complicated process.

The Office acts in expropriation matters in the first instance. There were 354 such proceedings in 2014. From among expropriation cases significant related to the nation’s economy stood out like M0 ring road, Obuda-Esztergom railway line and the expansion of the Road 10 – he said. These procedures were quick and had priority, the Office has had 144 expropriation cases in 2015 – he added.

The comprehensive public administration reform will further strengthen the external and internal integration in the near future. The Head of Department said more bodies and tasks will have the government offices. For example the integration of mine headquarters, birth registration, family and housing aid. He added, internal discussions are ongoing on further internal integration. “In addition to reviewing and reforming the organization, it is also an important goal to unify and simplify the procedures” – he said.

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