It is that time of the year again… the weather gets colder, the days get darker, the meals get heartier and the atmosphere gets more and more festive. To start off the season, Europe’s Best Destinations collected the top 20 Christmas markets in Europe, so that you can plan your festive staycations in advance.

Europe is beautiful in the winter and it seems like the season is almost as popular as summer vacations. The Christmas markets are among the top touristic destinations in the colder months, and, fortunately, Europe is rich in different Christmas fairs.


The Budapest Christmas fair has been quite popular in recent years, for instance, it was listed as the most magical European market last year. We are happy to report that our Christmas fair made it onto the Europe’s Best Destinations website’s top 20 list, which was put together based on the votes of more than 180 users.

To be more precise, the Advent Fair held at the Saint Stephen’s Basilica is listed in the 9th place.

It will be open from the 25th of November until the 2nd of January with diverse programmes and spectacular video mapping on the front of the Basilica.


“In the fairy-tale huts on Saint Stephen’s Square visitors can browse through the remarkable products of almost eighty craftsmen, and will find unique, hand-crafted works of folk and applied art, textile and leather goods, pottery and jewellery along with designer clothes and accessories, or works of photographers and graphic artists.”

Top 20 Christmas markets Europe:

  1. Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Strasbourg, France
  3. Colmar, France
  4. Aachen, Germany
  5. Vienna, Austria
  6. Dresden, Germany
  7. Tallinn, Estonia
  8. Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Budapest, Hungary
  10. Brussels, Belgium
  11. Graz, Austria
  12. Cologne, Germany
  13. Metz, France
  14. Madeira Islands, Portugal
  15. Leipzig, Germany
  16. Nuremberg, Germany
  17. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
  18. Lille, France
  19. Helsinki, Finland
  20. Manchester, United Kingdom

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