The capital’s first smart pedestrian crossing with LED lamps sensitive to human movement has been completed in Zugló district in front of the Herman Ottó Primary School.

According to, the smart pedestrian crossing at the junction of Egressy Road and Kövér Lajos Street not only features LED lamps but also cameras on both sides of the road. In the area of the capital’s first smart pedestrian crossing, several other schools, kindergartens, and camps can be found, and last May, there was also a fatal accident in this area.

Due to the high risk of fatal accidents and the number of young children, the district immediately supported the idea of a smart pedestrian crossing. In the future, the district would like to spend more money on this project, adding more and more “intelligent zebras” to Zugló.

The pedestrian crossing works with the SafeCross system, which means that its lamps automatically turn on if they sense any kind of movement. Both sides of the pedestrian crossing have cameras that alert the LED lamps whenever someone walks into the area of the crossing’s sensors. Additionally, the crossing has two stronger reflectors that signal to drivers with strong lights.

Elkészült az első okos zebra a fővárosban!

Elkészült az első okos zebra a fővárosban! A XIV. kerületben az Egressy út – Kövér Lajos utca kereszteződésében telepítettük rendszerünket. Ebből ad ízelítőt videónk:)#safecross#zugló#pearlenterprises#okoszebra#generali#mosolyor

Zveřejnil(a) SafeCross intelligens gyalogátkelőhely dne Čtvrtek 21. listopadu 2019

Currently, the LED lamps are in test mode, allowing time for drivers to get used to the smart pedestrian crossing. After its test run, it will be fully activated.

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