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Budapest serves today as the gathering point of the best chefs of Europe, according to Turizmus.com. These professional cooks who arrive at the capital of Hungary are the ones who helped their respective restaurants receive the most important award a catering unit can get: the Michelin Star.

On 26 May, Budapest is hosting one of the most significant events of gastronomy, as manager of Hungarian Tourism Agency, Zoltán Guller announced. The Hungarian capital will be the place where Michelin Guide awards will be given to the best restaurants in Europe this year.

He added that gastronomy is becoming a more and more important factor in tourism, as an area’s cuisine may determine how attractive that destination can become for tourists. He also highlighted that this event might contribute greatly to the popularisation of Hungary, as journalists from all around the world come to Budapest to report about the event, thus spreading the fame of the city and the country.

Guller highlighted that this is only the second time that Michelin Guide Europe hosts such an event after last year’s occasion in Brussels, so it is a great honor to be chosen for the second event already. 

Hungarian Tourism Agency has already hosted an exclusive event for gastronomy professionals where four of the Michelin award-winning chefs gave a masters’ course in Downtown Market together with celebrated Hungarian cooks. Among others, duck liver, sturgeon, carp, rabbit, red cabbage and beetroot were the ingredients of the unique dishes inspired by the Hungarian gastronomy and cuisine.

Zoltán Guller pointed out that though the most notable chefs and the representatives of the most celebrated Hungarian gastronomy organisations were invited to the event, they put a great emphasis on the promising young talents as well.

More than a hundred of the best chefs of Europe will attend the gala dinner in Budapest where the new winners of Michelin stars will be announced.

Source: Turizmus.com

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