Michelin and the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) will host an award ceremony at Budapest where Michelin Guide’s newest list of European restaurants will be presented, reports TurizmusOnline.hu. The Michelin event will be held on 26 March.

The event will be one of the most prestigious gatherings of the gastronomic world. This year’s Michelin-starred European restaurants will be revealed at the gala.

Michelin Guide

Michelin Guides are a series of guidebooks published by the French tyre company Michelin. The annually published Michelin Red Guide is the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. The acquisition or loss of a Michelin star can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant.

A Hungarian chef’s restaurant awarded with a Michelin star in China

All of Europe’s Michelin-starred chefs (which means the best chefs in the whole continent) will attend the event and welcome the newest members of the Michelin family.

The event will include a gala dinner, an award giving ceremony and of course the presentation of Michelin-Guide’s newest list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe.

Great chance

Michelin and MTÜ will host the event together. The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) will make sure that during the gala, the star chefs will have a chance to taste Hungary, get to know the cuisine and gastronomic culture of Hungary, and discover the unique atmosphere of the Hungarian capital: Budapest.

It is also the Hungarian Tourism Agency’s responsibility to make the world-famous chefs’ stay as memorable as possible so that they will come back to visit Hungary in the future.

This event is a great chance for Hungary to prove that we are capable of hosting an important international event. Not to mention that through the gala, Hungary can strengthen its position in the culinary world.

Last year’s list

In 2017, there were four Michelin-starred Hungarian restaurants, all located in Budapest: Borkonyha, Costes, Costes Downtown and Onyx. We are excited to see how many Hungarian restaurants made the list this year.

2017 Michelin Guide: Budapest restaurant loses Michelin star, many others recommended

Source: www.turizmusonline.hu

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