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The Huffington Post has recently made a list about the Top 50 cities to see in your lifetime, and one of them is Budapest. The Post emphasized how colourful Budapest’s night life is, and how wonderful its baths are, reports. 

 The Huffington Post made a list to collect the top 50 cities which they have already written about, but got lost among all the other posts. According to the writers, every ruler has left his mark on Budapest, and that makes the city incredibly colourful, not to mention its busy night life and great thermal baths which make Budapest an ideal destination for tourists.

Venice got the first place, Seville is the second, and New York City became third, but several other metropoleis are on the list, such as Paris, Rome, and Athens, but there are further cities from the United States, Asia, and Africa as well.

Here’s a photo gallery of the must see places in Budapest.

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