Airbnb is the Uber of flats: there’s more and more of them in every city. A study was made recently to find out the prices of Airbnb flats outside of the United States. Although Budapest has fewer vacant flats than Wien or Prague, the prices are much lower, writes

According to the survey, apart from the United States, Paris has the highest number of Airbnb flats and rooms; there are almost 46.000 available places in the city. London got second place with 30.000 Airbnb flats, while outside of Europe Rio De Janeiro has the lead with 13.000 flats and 5000 rooms.

The most Airbnb flats aren’t rented in Paris, or London, but in Tokyo; it’s 68.3%, while in Paris it’s only 58%. London has the highest prices, it’s approximately $209/day, and it’s followed by Dubai ($192), and Cabo de Lucas ($185). The cheapest flats are in Salvador, Brazil, or Havana, Cuba; an average flat in the latter costs $35-36/day.

Budapest only has 4799 Airbnb places out of which 599 are rooms; all the others are complete flats. The usage 56.6% and the average price is $50/day, which means that Budapest is the 7th cheapest city in Europe.

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  1. I am feeling so happy and blessed that I found a lovely studio (for just myself) for the 1 month I will be visiting family and friends in Budapest. Fortunate to have found a small place that has everything I need, including a kitchen so I can cook and save money! It is in District I – one of my favorite areas, next to District II which is my number 1 favorite! Cannot wait to enjoy my birthplace town again in June!!! So excited to have a nice AIrbnb….And, I am a respectful, quiet guest.

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