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Millennials all over the world are finding more happiness in cities, studies show, as opposed to smaller, rural towns. Why? These cities usually offer better career opportunities, more chances to make friends or meet a partner, and they’re honestly just a lot more fun.

While millennials aren’t looking for party cities necessarily, there are a few things that are important to us, such as cost of living, affordability of rent, local nightlife, and overall well-being (AKA the vibes). 

Interested in learning about where millennials are moving to and what’s driving them there? Big 7 Travel ranked the 50 best cities for millennials in 2020 according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of Life, Peacefulness, & Happiness (Expat Index 2019)
  • Cost of Living (Mercer’s 2019 Cost of Living Survey)
  • Data from millennial trends and preferences on Statista
  • The overall existing population of millennials in each city
  • Opinions of millennial-friendly cities as sampled from our audience of 1.5 million

The good news is that Budapest came in N°43! 

Budapest is the hottest European travel destination for 2020, but it also scored high amongst millennials who’ve moved there for work. With plenty of job opportunities and cheap housing, Budapest really only scored low in terms of healthcare and progressive social ideals.

Check out the full list HERE!


10th. Phoenix, Arizona

9th. Cologne, Germany

8th. Toronto, Canada

7th. Amsterdam, Netherlands

6th. Barcelona, Spain

5th. Berlin, Germany

4th. Dallas, Texas, USA

3rd. Montreal, Canada

2nd. Perth, Australia

1st. Austin, Texas, USA

Source: Big 7 Media

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