(MTI) – Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos expressed his condolences upon the death of the renowned Russian stage director Yuri Lyubimov on Sunday.

Lyubimov, founder of the famous Taganka Theatre and holder of Hungarian citizenship died at the age of 97.

“Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov, the world acclaimed director, a defining figure of theatre and an honorary citizen of Budapest; may he rest in peace,” Tarlos said in a release.

Lyubimov had strong ties to Hungary. His Taganka Theatre came to Budapest first in 1976 to perform Hamlet, starring the famed actor Vladimir Vysotsky. Here, Lyubimov met his Hungarian wife, Katalin Koncz, who worked as a translator. Their son was born in 1979.

In 1999, Lyubimov was granted Hungarian citizenship by President Arpad Goncz.

Photo: kozpontban.hu


Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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