An unusual survey called ‘What does Budapest mean to you?’ investigated people’s favourite words in connection with Budapest, writes.

Home, freedom, opportunity – the list of the 100 most popular words begins like this. During the campaign, several thousand words were submitted by residents of the city, and by the end, a rather positive imagine of the city was formed.

Here’s a selection of the most popular words that made the list:

love, homesickness, buzz, lights, pride, family, bridges, umbilical cord, culture, magic, mom, university, déjà vu, diversity, night, inspiration, ours.

The survey was organised by the Municipality of Budapest and the BVA Budapest city image nonprofit Kft. The most popular words have been on display in the form of an exhibition since December 12 in the Budapest Project Gallery. The exhibition blends different art forms, installations, interactive displays, and virtual reality to showcase the words that best describe the city.

The word ‘love’ at the Budapest Project Gallery exhibition.

“The opinion of the residents is essential for the development of the city’s image, that is why the municipality wanted to actively involve the population and use this as the basis of our ‘What does Budapest mean to you?’ campaign.” said Deputy Mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. “Budapest values the feedback of its residents, as well as their active participation in the life of the city.”

“I’m really glad that the most popular words, which form the basis of this exhibition, have positive connotations, which means that the people of Budapest love their city, and these are also very strong words,” she added.

What the international press wrote about Budapest in 2016

Check out this video of what Budapest means to some of its residents who described their city with these words: clean, with you, centre, perspective, acceptance, air, colourful, life, value, circus, cool, home, everyone’s, together, tenement house, Sunday.


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