Due to its flourishing tourism Budapest has been a quite popular topic in the international media, which encourages more and more world travellers to visit our country. In the last year, illustrious websites like BBC, The New York Times or Lonely Planet praised our capital city along with other blogs, who highlight the beauty, rich heritage and diverse leisure activity and cultural programme opportunities.


BBC published a long article, in which they asked Budapest dwellers about the best districts, best places to visit etc. They separately analysed the Buda and Pest sides that define varied lifestyles and also highlighted the affordability of the city.

Bored Panda

The popular website shared breath-taking photo galleries of talented Hungarian photographers. They popularised Tamás Rizsavi’s photos from up above and his photos of the Light Tram, and also Márk Mervai’s visual pearls.

Condé Nast Traveller

The acknowledged touristic magazine listed the Rózsavölgy Confectionery in the 3rd place on the list of places where you can find the best chocolate in the world. They also chose our capital as one of Europe’s 50 most beautiful places, while the Aria Hotel Budapest is the best hotel of the region. Moreover, the Great Market Hall is among the best street food places of the world.

Daily Mail

Budapest might not be the most popular travel destination for foreign tourists, but according to the article, the city’s unique architecture matches its rivals’. Even though the article evaluates Budapest by the traces of Soviet occupation, it offers some great programme ideas.

The Guardian

The Guardian’s travel column featured Budapest among the 10 European cities with imposing art-nouveau buildings. They also published an article about our Christmas markets and recommend tasting the special Gerbeaud coffee.


Hoppa.com collected the typical tourist expenses in 46 countries, and Budapest made it to the top of the list. In other words, the Hungarian capital is the world’s cheapest tourist destination, which is a factor that attracts more and more tourists.

The Huffington Post

They adored Budapest, especially in the first half of 2016, when they published several articles for first time travellers, couples and low budget travellers. One of their articles presents the romantic side of Budapest, the other offers cheap ways to spend time in the city, while the last one lists must-visit places.


The online travel portal believes that bridges are just as important sights as anything else, and author Chelsea Stuart even put together a list of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It’s a very pleasant surprise that one of Budapest’s symbols, the Chain Bridge was chosen as the 8th most beautiful bridge in the world.

Lonely Planet

The popular site encourages travellers to explore European cities with public transport. They mentioned Budapest and tram line 2 in Europe’s best tours by public transport collection. The tram circulates along the coast of Danube and you can see the most beautiful sights of the city. They also listed Debrecen on their best in travel 2017 list, and the market of the Klauzál Square among the 31 best experiences to try in 2016.

National Geographic Traveller

This medium praised Budapest for its rich cultural heritage and bohemian charm, and mentioned a ride on the funicular as an unmissable programme. The article is basically a compact travel guide, which gives useful tips to visitors.

The New York Times

The historic magazine collected 20 places to travel in your 20s, which aims to help beginner world-travellers. Budapest made it onto the list as a captivating and friendly place, where the only drawback could be that someone doesn’t speak the language. Other than that, they recommend visiting our famous baths and cafés.


There are many great videos out there that capture the beauty of Budapest, however, no one has ever attempted to present our city on breathtakingly shot sequences in 60 seconds. Until recently, when the popular Refinery29 published a new video in their “60 seconds cities series”, all about Budapest. They also put together a quick-hit guide to Budapest, from the must-visit views to the nightlife.

The Telegraph

They highlighted the handmade wonders of our capital city. Adrian Phillips looked for the less known treasures of Budapest, like shoes made from eel, marionette dolls and smoky aromatic beer. You can read more about his experiences here. Furthermore, the Telegraph also listed Eger as one of the most beautiful European cities.

The Times

Hungarian ruin bars have been in the limelight for a few years now, foreigners seem to love them. They’ve also been appraised by several foreign magazines and now, the famous The Times travel site also picked their favourite ruin bars and put them into a great article.

Travel Channel

The world’s leading channel occupied with travel and tourism put together a list of 15 beautiful European cities you simply have to visit. Budapest is listed in the illustrious 2nd place with fantastic sights you cannot miss when in the capital of Hungary.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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