The prestigious BBC Travel recently published a quite long article about Budapest, in which they separately analyse the Buda and Pest sides that define the varied lifestyles. With the two sides split by the Danube, they admire the city that lives a double life.

The article contrasts the vivacity of Pest and the calmness of Buda with emphasizing the advantages of both sides. “The Buda side is favoured by families, while the Pest side is popular with young professionals and has more of a party scene. The city is further defined by its 23 separate districts, each with their own vibe.”

They define residents as hospital and friendly with foreigners. “While older residents tend to keep to themselves, the up-and-coming generation of Hungarians tends to be open-minded and friendly, making it a more welcoming place for expats than ever before.”

Moreover, the article lists popular getaway spots like Margaret Island, the hills of Normafa and the island of the Óbudai Island where the famous Sziget Festival is held in every August. They go on with our beloved Lake Balaton and small towns close to Budapest, such as Szentendre, Visegrád and Esztergom.

In the end, the article touches upon the important question of affordability and concludes that Budapest is one of the best values in terms of cost of living in relation to the quality of living.

Read the whole article HERE!

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