There are many great videos out there that capture the beauty of Budapest, however, no one has ever attempted to present our city on breathtakingly shot sequences in 60 seconds. Until now, when the popular Refinery29 published a new video in their “60 seconds cities series” all about Budapest.

Refinery29 is a digital-media company focused on women with a big audience and a global reach of millions of people across their platforms. They provide lifestyle stories, advice, original video programming and “shareable” content to inspire people to live a more creative life.

They have a video series called “60 seconds cities” where they present the highlights of different cities in one minute. The latest episode features Budapest and it captures the city’s diversity on beautiful shots. It is a fantastic image video, which truly inspires people to think of Budapest as their next travel destination.

“Think of it as the next up-and-coming Berlin or Vienna. It’s an often-overlooked city, but once people get there, they love it — and for good reason. From its textured history to its all-night pubs situated in ruins from old factories to its mind-blowing architecture (we’re talkin’ palaces, people) and of course the hearty food around every corner, the list of reasons to make Budapest your next travel destination can go on and on” writes Refinery29 on their website. They also put together a quick-hit guide to Budapest, from the must-visit views to the nightlife.

The video features some of the most famous sights, monuments of the city, and the Danube. It shows tourists how they could spend an ideal day in the city and have fun while getting to know our culture. Besides farmers’ markets, they also recommend visiting vintage shops, which is not something that other videos popularise, even though they welcome you with a truly unique atmosphere which you’re going to love.

They go on by presenting a segment of the world-famous Hungarian bath culture, signature dishes and ruin pubs. The video also gives an insight into the diverse nightlife of the city, as well as some traditions. And you see all of these on beautiful drone-shots and sequences.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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