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Have you ever thought about what Budapest truly means to you? Why you love Budapest? Which words come to your mind when thinking about Budapest? According to, the Budapest City Image Non Profit Kft made a creative video, in which famous Hungarian people describe Budapest with one word.

The company aims to show the real face of Budapest to locals so that they feel like they belong here and have every right to be proud. They play a connecting role between the capital city and its dwellers by visualising innovative developments, ideas and exciting, colourful projects.

Listed below are some of the words that come to Hungarians’ minds about Budapest:

  • Gianni Annoni, Italian born chef and television presenter: Clean (Tiszta)
  • Zséda, singer: With You (Veled)
  • Magdi Rúzsa, singer: It Accepts You (Befogad)
  • Juli Fábián, singer: Colourful (Színes)
  • Armand Kautzky, actor and voice actor: Value (Érték)
  • Attila Till, television presenter and the director of Kills on Wheels: Hot (Dögös)
  • Péter Novák, actor, singer, composer: It’s Everyone’s (Mindenkié)
  • Tibor Benedek: three time water polo Olympic Champion: Together (Együtt)
  • Panni Epres: successful model and the wife of Tibor Benedek: Tenement House (Bérház)
  • Károly Gerendai: the founder of Sziget Festival: Sunday (Vasárnap)

So – among others – Budapest is clean, a place where we can be with you, it is the centre, it is perspective, it accepts you, it is air, colourful, life, value, circus, hot, home, together, tenement house, Sunday, and it is everyone’s… 🙂

But the most important question is: what does Budapest mean to YOU? You can send the word which sums up what Budapest means to you on this link and even take part in a sweepstake.

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