The professional jury requested by the Ristorazione Italiana Magazine – Italian Style was testing restaurants offering original Italian pizza for 2 years. Finally, they chose 70 places among which Gianni Annoni and Rosario Simeoli’s Pomo D’oro of Budapest can be found, too. The two chefs regard this as an exceptional honour – according to

Good quality Italian ingredients and enthusiasm

For a trattoria with only one pizza oven this is something like for a fine dining restaurant getting into the Michelin Guide’ – commented Gianni their success. He added that only those restaurants could take part in the testing process which were nominated by the local Italian Chamber of Commerce. Thus, they needed the past

16 years’ unbroken enthusiasm

for the nomination. ‘Anyway, we do not know who and when did the testing’ – he added.

In fact, essential criteria were using

good quality Italian ingredients and wood-fired pizza oven.

Thus, the restaurant can represent the Italian kitchen authentically. Of course, local popularity and opinions were also important factors.

‘We became one huge family’

‘I sold my car in 2002 to be able to bring my dream to fruition. For its price, we bought a small pick-up so that I could deliver the Italian ingredients. It might be a cliché, but we, Italians do not like to add anything to the wonders of nature. Instead, we wish to preserve them. We gladly do experiments, we search for new things and develop. And most importantly

we love what we do.’

– summed up Gianni.

Of course, it is also important for a successful restaurant to have a good team. Most people have been working together in Pomo D’oro for 15 years. ‘I could recite a lot of names for whom Pomo D’oro became part of their life and thus, we became one huge family. For example, Geppo, my brother, Attila Jáhner, our business manager, Simeoli Rosario, the chef, Zoli Stelczer and Norbi Bajnok, the deputy chefs.’ – said Gianni.

‘This award makes me very happy’

‘I learnt honesty, humbleness and honouring of work from my mother and father. Religion, faith added a lot to these. They taught me that everything always works out because nothing happens without reason. And if we have confidence and humbleness, everything will happen the way we like to. Daring to give, teach and share our experience with the others is very important. The pillars of my happiness are food, drink, table and creation.

Making people happy with what we do – this is joyfulness.

And of course, I do not deny that this award makes me very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mille grazie!’ – said Gianni.

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