According to the National Meteorological Service, the capital’s heat record of dawn was beaten on Wednesday – reports. Up until now, the lowest temperature on that day (August 2nd) in Budapest was 24 C, which was recorded in 1948 on Gellért Hill. This Wednesday’s weather was even warmer. It could only cool down to 24.3 C in the valley of János Hill.

According to the weather forecast by the National Meteorological Service, even greater heat can be expected in the next few days. The hottest period will last from Friday until Sunday. The highest the temperature can get may be around 39-40 C, but there are some places where it may go up to 41 C.

Earlier they wrote that as the maximum records of the following days are around 40 C (27-39 C in the capital), the temperature (particularly at the weekend) can get close to or even beat the heat records. Besides, the records of the lowest temperature are also in danger in the central districts and higher places – they added.

Weather forecast

Friday‘s weather may get close to the heat record, the highest the temperature can get will be around 39-40 C. Drought can be expected on both Friday and Saturday, as the weather will not change in particular. The highest temperature will be around 36-38 C, while the northwesterly wind will get stronger.

Sunday will bring the turning point: after the sunny weather in the morning the sky will get cloudy in the afternoon and storms may appear in many parts of the country. Although even hail can appear, the highest temperature will stay around 35-40 C. Showers and thunderstorms may also appear on Monday, but only sparsely. The highest the temperature can get will be around 37 C.

Below the chart of can be seen.

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