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Recently, it has become more and more a topic that there are traffic jams everywhere in Budapest. These are usually subjective opinions, individual experiences. In addition, these opinions came after more than a year of low traffic. What do the numbers say?

Recently, more and more traffic jams have been reported from the Budapest area, writes Metropol. The Hungarian government uses this to create a negative image of Gergely Karácsony, the opposition mayor of Budapest. With the help of we looked at what the numbers show.

The number of car purchases has exploded.

Compared to 2019, 10 per cent more people use their cars in the capital. The number of congestions in Budapest also increased by 10 per cent. Car usage can be inferred from fuel consumption data, car purchase data, and data from GPS applications. The number of car purchases has jumped.  In the first five months of 2021, more than 60,000 new cars were sold. More new cars mean more traffic.

The Waze navigation application measures the number of users. This obviously does not cover the entire traffic in Budapest. However, nearly 20000 users represent traffic trends fairly well. In June of 2021, 10 per cent more people used their car than two years ago at that time. TomTom shows daily and weekly average congestion levels. The company’s data shows that compared to 2019,

the number of traffic jams is slightly higher.

On the company’s maps, you can also see which roads have the biggest traffic jams. Based on this, the Nagykörút and Hegyalja street are the two focal points. Furthermore, in the case of the lower quay of Buda, Andrássy street, Üllői street, Gyáli street and Hungária street, we can expect more traffic congestion.

There are several reasons for the formation of traffic jams. Downtown road and bridge renovations began a couple of weeks ago. The renovation of the Chain Bridge has started, the lower quay of Pest is closed, and there will soon be a restriction on Blaha Lújza Square. So the amount of traffic jams is not significantly higher under the leadership of Gergely Karácsony than before. In addition, more cars and road renovations also make car traffic more difficult.


gergely karácsony and krisztina baranyi
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Source: Metropol,

  1. Yes, there are more traffic jams because people have money to buy more cars thanks to the government’s help and certainly not because Gergely Karácsony closing roads to make a “concrete palm beach”.

  2. What percentage of new vehicles purchased and registered – over the past (12) twelve months – your article makes the point of 60,000 purchased new vehicles in the first (5) five months of 2021 – have been purchased as Private for Family or Personal use – and what percentage Purchased under a Company name or by the Government of Hungary – for fleet or Personal Ministerial use ???
    Governments – are constant big buyers up-daters of new motor vehicles by use of Tax payers Money.
    This being answered may give a CLEARER indication to the increase – on paper – of the rise in newly acquired purchased Motor Vehicles.
    Fidesz – just continuation under lack of relativity and substance – spreading on-going Falseness by propaganda – directed at the Lord Mayor of Budapest.

  3. Orban is giving money to certain groups to buy cars (Electric car subsidies,families….) so people have an incentive to buy cars. Then like always it somebodies else’s fault…it’s the mayor, it’s the EU, it’s the homos…

  4. If there isn’t one already, then implement a congestion charge. The bigger the engine, the higher the charge …… The thing I’ve noticed about some Hungarians, (not all I might add) they love to show off what vehicles they have. The bigger and more powerful the better.

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