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This might not be the best time to travel, but it’s certainly the best time to be thinking about your next foodie travel adventure. 

Chef’s Pencil asked 250 chefs and foodies to tell them which place they thought was the most underrated foodie destination. These are the places that should stand next to Paris, Rome or Tokyo as top food destinations. They could name countries, cities, or regions – no restrictions whatsoever.

They’ve put together a list of the most underrated foodie destinations based on their responses – the ones just off the beaten foodie traveler track – where you’ll find exquisite food, delicacies to savor or avoid, depending on just how gastronomically adventurous you are, and mouthwatering delights.

Some of the places, like Budapest, is already well-known and appreciated for its gastronomic excellence, but people felt Budapest still lacks the international recognition it truly deserves. 

“Hungarian cuisine has a long history that goes back to King Matthias in the 15th century and is known for paprika and goulash. What is not new and what Hungarians pride themselves on most is home-style cooking. Plenty of casual family-style eateries will serve you goulash, of course, fisherman’s soup, lángos – a deep fried flat bread, mushroom stew with paprika, and főzelék – a vegetable soup-come-stew simmered with sour cream; dishes with the taste of momma’s kitchen.

But Budapest has much more to offer than goulash and paprika.”

Please see below the results of our survey:

1. Cape Town
2. Budapest 
3. Chicago
4. Melbourne
5. Mexico City
6. San Sebastian
7. Bergen
8. Hong Kong
9. Montreal
10. Napoli

You’ll find the full report, including charts and images on THIS LINK.

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Source: Chef’s Pencil

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  1. Sorry to disagree with chefs and “foodies”. Hungary indeed has got a lot of special features, but food is not one of them. And nor is restaurant scene in Budapest, save for really few exceptions.

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