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For the first time ever, two Hungarian wine bars, Fiaker Bistro & Wine bar and Felix Kitchen & Bar, were given the Award of Excellence from a prestigious American magazine, Wine Spectator.

The magazine highlighted the Hungarian bars in their online summary as well. The senior sommelier of Felix Kitchen & Bar hopes the first awards Hungary has received will bring in more customers who will appreciate their wine concepts, reported Forbes.

Felix Kitchen & Bar is located at the over-hundred-years-old kiosk of the Ybl-powerhouse, the Renaissance building has been used as a water house, a nightclub and a casino. Now it operates as the culinary partner of the Ybl Buda Creative House. Felix Kitchen, however is not just a regular restaurant, it has great variety, and is suitable for both elegant and bohemian events, according to their Facebook page.

The other recipient of the award, Fiaker Bistro & Wine bar, was awarded for their broad variety of wines from the all the countries that once made up the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. After receiving the award, they said that: “the recognition proves that even a regional offer can represent a professional standard that stands its ground even on a global scale.”

Wine Spectator is one of the most important magazines of the wine industry. Each year since 1981 they put out a global list of the world’s best wine bars, to be on the list is one of the biggest recognition someone can get.

They introduced 3800 places for their 2020 top list, which were divided into three categories: Award of Excellence, Best Award of Excellence and Grand Award.

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