Amazing video: bear filmed saving crow from drowning at Budapest Zoo, reports.

Who said bears and birds can’t be friends? What an unlikely friendship! A crow found an unlikely saviour in a bear, when it ended up in a pond in its enclosure. This gentle bear named Vali at the Budapest Zoo shocked onlookers when she saved the black hooded crow from drowing. The bear decided to intervene and yank the struggling bird out of the water and back onto dry land.

Here is where you might be expecting a turn toward the macabre, assuming that the carnivorous bear would be keen on helping herself to some fresh meat.In an unexpected twist, the bear dropped the crow onto land and went on her merry way, eating vegetables in her path instead.

The crow looked a little puzzled after its rescue, managing to get back to its feet and staring in disbelief as the bear didn’t chase it down but sloped off to eat an apple. Soon after that,it managed to flip itself over on its feet and appeared to be staring at Vali in surprise that she ‘saved’ it.

Was it the crow’s lucky day? Or is this the kindest bear we’ve seen??

The footage was filmed by visitor Aleksander Medveš and posted online earlier this summer.

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