24.hu writes that Balázs Fürjes, head of Budapest’s Olympic bid, emphasized on a recent press conference – where they primarily introduced the athletes’ committee led by Ágnes Kovács – that “we can achieve great successes with hard work” and that they’ll prove that “we can make more out of ourselves than we thought previously”.

He highlighted that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has changed the bidding process under the Agenda 2020 reform programme and introduced the institution of continuous dialogue.

They also presented some new visuals, which turned out to be quite impressive.


The Olympic Stadium and Csepel Island


Budapest’s new bridge and the Olympic village


The other main location: the Puskás Ferenc Stadium and its neighbourhood

“The visuals of the Budapest2024 Olympic bid are amazing! They make sure that the whole world gets to see the beauty of Budapest. And what’s especially important: architects kept sustainability in mind throughout the designing process. So the whole county could enjoy the advantages of the locations after the Olympic Games” writes the Budapest2024 Facebook page.


The athletes’ committee of Budapest2024:

The committee has 25 members. The president is Ágnes Kovács, Olympic Champion swimmer of Sydney, while the honorary president is György Kárpáti, three-times Olympic Champion water polo player. Further members:

  • Zsófia Arlóy, Paralympian table tennis player
  • János Becsey, two times Paralympian Champion swimmer
  • Krisztián Berki, Olympic Champion gymnast
  • Péter Boronkay, Paralympian, two times World Champion and three times European Champion triathlete
  • Kinga Bóta, Olympic silver medallist, eleven times World Champion kayaker
  • Attila Czene, Olympic Champion swimmer
  • Tamás Darnyi, four time Olympic Champion swimmer
  • Antal Dunai, Olympic Champion football player
  • Gyula Gál, Olympic fourth handball player
  • Tibor Gécsek, European Champion and Olympic fourth hammer thrower
  • Zsolt Gyulay, two times Olympic silver medallist kayaker
  • Diána Igaly, Olympic Champion shooter
  • Ágnes Keleti, five times Olympic Champion gymnast
  • Gergely Kiss, three times Olympic Champion water polo player
  • Antal Kovács, Olympic Champion judoka
  • Győző Kulcsár, four times Olympic Champion fencer
  • Zoltán Magyar, two times Olympic Champion gymnast
  • János Martinek, two times Olympic Champion pentathlonist
  • Tímea Nagy, two times Olympic Champion epee fencer
  • György Nébald, Olympic Champion sabre fencer
  • Marianne Rácz, World silver medallist handball player
  • Krisztina Regőczy, Olympic silver medallist ice dancer
  • Ákos Vereckei, two times Olympic Champion kayaker

The members of the committee own almost 25% of Hungary’s 176 Olympic gold medals, they all are Olympians or Paralympians. They are the representatives of 14 sports: table tennis, athletics, triathlon, swimming, gymnastics, kayak-canoe, fencing, water polo, figure skating, handball, football, shooting, judo and pentathlon.

The committee negotiates the changes, modifications of the so called master plan of Budapest2024, and gives suggestions, advice to those working on the bid.

Photos: www.budapest2024.org

Copy editor: bm

Source: http://24.hu/

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