The New Danube Bridge is unveiled – Bridge to nowhere?

The Galvan Bridge, which will be constructed in 10 years at the earliest, will serve primarily the demands of the Olympics, not the real needs of […]

Hungarian Olympic Committee chief disappointed over deal on 2024, 2028

The agreement the International Olympic Committee (#IOC) reached with the cities of #Paris and #LosAngeles

Hungarian government: Budapest will still bid to host Olympics in future

Budapest launch bid to host 2023 IAAF World Championships

Jobbik, LMP, Socialist lawmakers initiate parliament probe into 2024 Olympic bid

The lawmakers initiated a parliamentary investigation suspecting massive corruption surrounding the bid! - #Budapest2024

It’s over – Budapest withdraws Olympic bid

The #Budapest Assembly voted on Wednesday in favour of a motion to withdraw the city's bid to host the 2024 #Olympic and Paralympic Games

Jobbik protests Lázár’s ‘threatening’ Budapest

Stummer mentioned Hungary's ailing health care as one possible area to spend the Olympic budget