Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party has voiced protest over remarks by government office chief János Lázár, which they interpreted as a threat of possible retaliation for Budapest’s dropping its Olympic bid.

János Stummer, Jobbik’s regional director for Budapest, said that Lázár’s Friday remarks would create a division between “the pro-Olympic provinces and unenthusiastic Budapest residents”. He quoted Lázár and suggested that Budapest could see 1,000 billion forints (EUR 3.2bn) less in development funding after the city withdraws its bid to host the 2024 Games.

Stummer also quoted state secretary Bence Tuzson, who said on Saturday that there was no government decision as yet how to spend funds originally allocated to finance the bid. Jobbik will table a series of proposals in the next few days, Stummer said, and suggested that people close to ruling Fidesz may be “eying the yet unattended hundreds of millions”.

Stummer mentioned Hungary’s ailing health care as one possible area to spend the Olympic budget.

Source: MTI

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  1. It is TRULY AMAZING that some politicians (include JOBBIK & various left-wing ‘no hopers’ / ‘student activists’ / etc.) thought that any funds NOT used to build ‘development projects’ associated with holding the 2024 Olympic Games – in the event that Budapest was awarded the 2024 Olympic Games – will now suddenly be used for NON development projects.

    Honestly, Mr. Stummer – and others – should ‘wake up’ to reality.

    First, it was NEVER likely that Budapest was going to be awarded the Olympic Games by the I.O.C.

    Budapest’s ONLY real chance of winning was if there were more terrorist attack(s) in Paris between now and September (which – by the way – is STILL very likely) AND el-presidente Trump continues with his ‘foot-in-mouth’ announcements about foreign policy, ‘refugees’, immigration, etc. to such an extent that the I.O.C. members would have COLLECTIVELY thought – “U.S.A. – go away !!” (almost a certainty).

    Budapest is a FANTASTIC city (and Hungary a WONDERFUL country !!) – take pride in that fact – but there are FAR TOO MANY ‘vested interests’ who would have done anything (and everything) possible to ensure Budapest was NEVER awarded the 2024 Olympics.

    Second, once certain political parties – read here the LEFT-WING fools who are truly PATHETIC re-incarnations of the once-mighty Communist / Socialist Parties – decided to ‘back-track’ on decisions made ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO in Parliament to SUPPORT Budapest’s Olympic Bid, the whole process was DOOMED before it reached its most important phase.

    Never mind the fact that any ‘referendum’ held to gauge support by Budapest’s citizens would probably have NEVER been valid – due to voter apathy (what a surprise !!).

    In ancient Greece, Aesop said “United we stand, divided we fall” – and NOTHING has changed since that time.

    So after various politicians SUPPORTED the move by idealistic students to start a ‘signature drive’ trying to FORCE a referendum, the whole idea of Budapest and Hungary hosting the Games could be thrown onto a garbage dump.

    It was really ludicrous that some of these students – after the event – stated that they didn’t ‘really’ want the Bid to be ‘dropped’ – come on, who’s kidding whom ?

    Third, Budapest’s Olympic Bid was – for those unaware of the facts (and it is a fair assumption that MOST people who signed the various forms calling for a referendum had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the Olympic Bid) – very cleverly constructed around utilising MANY existing facilities and constructing OTHER (mainly temporary) facilities that would have been used in the future.

    Transport of athletes was ingeniously addressed & any accomodation constructed would have had a post-Olympics use by STUDENTS (oh, we didn’t know that !!!).

    Obviously, there would have been a need for DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS – such as infrastructure to support the various sporting venues, media facilities, Olympic villages, etc. – but NOW that the Bid has been consigned to the ‘scrap heat’ of history, THOSE particular development projects will NOT be required.

    And believe it or not, the I.O.C. (despite ALL of its faults- and there ARE many) would have turned itself INSIDE OUT to help Budapest stage the 2024 Olympic Games.

    Needless to say, that is all in the past now.

    So out come the ‘donkeys’ now & start their braying (‘hee-haw’ in common parlance….) and make demands.

    “We want this, we demand that”.

    OF COURSE , you fools, the Metro system in Budapest needs upgrading – but that is going to happen anyway – after DECADES of neglect.

    OF COURSE, you idiots, the roads in Budapest need continual maintenance – but it will take place regardless.

    OF COURSE, you twirps, money needs to be spent on the health system – including hospitals & increased wages for staff – but it IS being undertaken & will continue to be in the future.

    OF COURSE, you half-wits, funds are required for education & new schools but monies are being POURED in to those areas with the long-term aim of ensuring that Hungary’s youth is NOT ONLY well-educated but is provided with the ESSENTIAL SKILLS to have jobs in the future (UNLIKE SO MANY OTHER COUNTRIES IN EUROPE !).

    And we can go on and on and on ….

    BUT – for the UNAWARE – there is a HUGE NEED for infrastructure & other works OUTSIDE of Budapest – many of which do NOT require an Olympics to be held – so the Hungarian Government is 100% correct to now say that NON-Budapest ‘development projects’ will be carefully considered.

    It’s about time that Mr. Stummer – and others – got a grip on reality.

    HAD Budapest won the 2024 Olympic Bid process, money would have POURED into the country – not just Budapest.

    So a LOT of the various development projects would have been EASILY funded …..

    Let’s all just fervently hope that international investors will CONTINUE to favourably view Budapest and Hungary as a great place to put their money.

    If so, then Hungary will continue to thrive – and ALL the ‘goodies’ demanded by Jobbik ( and other excuses for political parties) will be supplied.

    On the other hand, if these investors have second-thoughts because of the STUPIDITY exhibited by certain politicians (and others), then Hungary will NOT continue on its road to improvement – one that is presently the ENVY of most Europeans.

    So perhaps Jobbik and other political parties – instead of ALWAYS whingeing (“It’s NOT fair !! It’s NOT fair”) – will collectively PULL THEIR FINGERS OUT of their ‘you-know-wheres’ and GET ON WITH THE JOB.

    Better still, perhaps those DONKEYS can resign – en masse – and let the present Government get on with its job.

    It’s OBVIOUS that there is NO ONE ELSE who can do it better at present !!

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